How To Start In Real Estate Investing: Myths, Opportunities, And Considerations

Real estate investing is an investment vehicle available to everyone. Learn more about how to start in real estate investing with this comprehensive guide!

When approaching real estate investment opportunities, many may believe it to be beyond their capabilities. The reality⁉️ Investing in real estate is much more accessible than you may think! Let’s walk through how to get started in real estate investing so you can develop the passive income stream you’re looking for.

The Kitti Sisters - How To Start In Real Estate Investing


Choosing to invest money in properties like multi-family apartment units can give you access to the passive income you need to achieve greater financial success and stability both now and in the future. Although there are plenty of investment opportunities out there, few are as lucrative as real estate! Common Myths And MisconceptionsIt can be easy to dissuade yourself from becoming a real estate investor if you allow your doubts or misconceptions to act as an obstacle to greater wealth.

If you’re on the fence about developing passive income through real estate, let’s clear up a few common myths and misconceptions that may be preventing you from moving forward.

  • I don’t need real estate because all investments are the same: There are many investment opportunities out there, but not all investment vehicles are built the same. Choosing to invest in rental property like apartments, for example, will yield a greater return than putting your money into a CD. The key to investing intelligently is to find opportunities that offer you the most potential growth both in the short- and long-term. Investments like real estate do just that!
  • I need to do this all on my own: One common myth about real estate is that you need to retain full control over your investment. Unfortunately, going this route entails spending millions of dollars, using all of your time to manage your properties, and developing an active income stream rather than a passive one (i.e. income earned from working rather than income that is built via real estate investment opportunities). The good news? This is not true. Although this is something you can pursue once you’ve achieved greater success, forming relationships in the real estate industry and leveraging other people’s resources to your advantage while passively investing can help you experience amazing growth without having to overexert yourself.
  • I need way more money to get started: The idea that you need millions of dollars to become a real estate investor comes from the above misconception. With an apartment syndication investment model (which we will explain later), you can start with as little as $50,000. This makes it possible for almost anyone to get started!

Although it seems that there are insurmountable barriers to investing in real estate, this assumption is largely rooted in common misconceptions about the industry. With just a little bit of knowledge, an initial investment, and plenty of research, you can begin to grow your wealth!


What you’ll need to get started depends on your desired level of involvement. If you wish to own and manage your own rental property, you may be looking at millions of dollars and a great deal of time in order to get a successful start.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way, which is clearly illustrated in our previous section about common myths and misconceptions. In fact, you can begin investing passively with far less money and without spending hours upon hours ensuring your investment properties are properly managed. But where exactly do you begin?


As we stated above, getting started in real estate is often far easier than it sounds. Here are some of the best options to consider if you’re looking to build your wealth more effectively.

  1. Invest in an REIT: Real estate investment trusts, or REITs, are companies that manage multi-family properties. When you invest in a REIT, it’s similar to purchasing stock in a company. While this is more accessible for beginning investors, it comes with notable disadvantages like not having control over how your money is being spent.
  2. Put your money into a real estate fund: Real estate funds are closer to syndications than REITs. But unlike syndications, your investments are used as the fund managers see fit, making it impossible to direct your money to properties you want to invest in.
  3. Partner with someone to purchase property: Multi-family properties can be expensive, making it harder for individuals to use their own funds to obtain real estate investment property. One alternative is to find a partner who is willing to pool in their own cash and invest with you.
  4. Purchase investment property on your own: If you have the funds and the know-how, you could choose to purchase properties and manage them on your own. However, this takes a great deal of time and effort and may not be for everyone.
  5. Grow your wealth with a syndication: The best way to get started is toinvest in a syndication. This is where you pool your money with other investors into various properties of your choosing and receive stake in that property. You also get your fair share of profits when the property is eventually sold!


Syndications make it easy to grow your wealth with greater freedom and fewer monetary or time constraints than many of the other real estate investment opportunities above demand. However, it’s important that you do your research to understand where your money is going, how you will build it, and what is required of you so that you can grow your money with confidence.  

It’s never too late to learn how to make your real estate investment dreams a reality. With the power of compound interest and a few tricks we’ve learned along the way involving tax deductions for your investments, you’ll have plenty of time to substantially grow your wealth. With, say, a $50,000 investment in multi-family apartments, there is a way to get your initial investment back in five years: half through monthly cash flow and half after selling the property.

On top of that, you can see a 70 percent return on your investment all while being nearly 100 percent tax-deductible. That’s ten times the amount you’d get from a typical CD! 

Essentially, you can keep recycling your investments into more and more property deals, effectively housing your money in a much more lucrative place than a bank.


Real estate can seem like a risky investment to most… However, it is far less demanding than it seems. Making the decision to invest your money into apartment syndication can provide you with the returns you need to achieve greater financial success. 

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