Less Work, More Life: For Real

We’ve been thinking a lot about the whole “less work, more life” adage, and we have to tell you, we totally believe it… 🙌

The other day, I was going through some old Facebook messages to my close friends the other day, and I was reading about my life, through my words, at that point in time.

It was when I was fresh out of college, traveling the world, and spending money like there was no tomorrow. In social terms, I was living the American dream.


I counted my blessings, but in reality, my “American dream” looked a heck of a lot like long hours, piles of to-do lists, and always on-demand for my customers. Yes, my customers sometimes called me at midnight, 2 am, and 3 am‼️

A life filled with more: more work, more money, more time, more things, more to-do lists… 😰

As our apartment investing journey has unfolded and our lives evolved in the past few years, we are beginning to realize that Palm ➕ I are really old souls – like wrinkly 90-year-old dying and sharing our years of weathered wisdom with the world… Less Work, More Life, for real.

When we talk about our career, one of the first things we tell people is that even if we won the lottery, we would still do it.

That’s just because of how we’re wired, right?

To us, it isn’t about the money, the acknowledgments, the accolades…It’s about what apartment investing allows us to achieve, which is financial freedom.

With financial freedom, we get to control our own schedule, eat as much bacon as we want (yes, we’re 🥓 lovers), be generous with loved ones, and make an impact on things that matter to our hearts. 😍😍😍

Our work fuels our passion, energizes our creativity ⚡, allows us to put our eyes to use, and our hearts on the line.

As we continue this apartment investing journey at a breakneck pace, we have really stopped to evaluate what our version of this American dream is.

One thing we have focused on is less work, more life.

In a culture that is constantly screaming for more, that can never get enough, and is never satisfied – we want to be the nonconformist. We want to simplify, to breathe beyond the clutter, to live beyond the work.

Like Palm says, “It’s time to start working smarter, not harder, so you can get back to less work, more life.”

And that has been a giant focus of our lives since Covid-19 happened.

Covid-19 has taught us to appreciate small, simple things, like having dinner with family, connecting with old friends, building meaningful relationships, going on midday walks, and taking every Friday off.

By all means, we didn’t become an entrepreneur to work 24/7, right? In fact, we became entrepreneurs because we dreamt about freedom.

One of the best-known strategies you can incorporate freedom into your life is by leveraging other people’s expertise, time, and relationship… and that’s why we love apartment investing so much from both GP and LP perspectives.

We are here to write better stories for ourselves, stories of living. We are here to tell you: less is truly more…

Amen? Amen.


Whether you are new to apartment investing or you’ve got a couple of passive investments but want to reach a new level of success, having a clear strategy is vital. With a clear strategy, you will be able to scale effortlessly, overcome challenges, and reach your full potential…

If you’re ready to start your apartment investing journey, but don’t know where to begin?
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