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If you’re tired of living the 9-5 grind, want to build true wealth, have a strong hedge against inflation, and pay less taxes LEGALLY at the same time – this is the show designed for you! 



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Together, we’ll navigate the ups and downs of real estate, apartment investing, wealth building, and so much more... 

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Should I  Withdraw Cash From the Bank Right Now? 

Banks have vaults for a reason, and we love the feeling of security that brings. However, is the bank really the safest place for your money? And what does the FDIC really insure?

Stan from South Park Says So!


Nobody is Talking About How to Make More By Doing Less

Do you ever think about redoing your finances or starting over with your investments?  If you do, we want to challenge you to shift your thinking and truly embrace the 80/20 rule, where you essentially reduce your input to maximize your output. 


Why We’ve Turned Down $250,000,000 

Not all deals are good deals. Learn how to say yes, say no, and most importantly, feel confident doing both.

In Real Estate, AND Feel Great About It


We Bought a $71,000,000 Apartment

It’s been a history-making here at the Kitti Kingdom! We closed on a $71 million deal and man oh man did we learn a few things in the process. Hit play as we go through every nitty gritty aspect of this deal and the lessons learned to get you ready for your next multi-million dollar deal! 

and here's what we learned


Apartment Investing – A Risky Business?

Apartment investing doesn’t come without its fair share of risk. But how much risk is too much?  Ask yourself and others the right questions so that you can learn how to what and who to invest with while avoiding tempting “get rich quick” schemes.