Do-It Day Tips from Team Kitti Sisters

I am SO thrilled to be sharing my very own secrets on what it feels like to have my do-it list actually crossed off… 😜

Time is my currency, it’s how I measure my days, it’s the non-renewable resource I focus on the most and it’s something I think about all the time, pun intended. I don’t know about you but I am obsessed with all things maximizing my time and creating the most efficient workflows possible. 😊

Well, nowadays, I certainly pulled back from burning the candle on both ends and due to my desire to control my own schedule, I pushed to become even smarter with what time I was spending on work, actually, on what time I was spending on anything for that matter…

Whether it’s squeezing in a 15-minute morning yoga session before the day starts or leveraging my dream team ☁️ to grow our multifamily apartment empire, outsourcing tasks that don’t spark my joy, I found little ways to upgrade the use of my time so that I can feel more free 🤩 to shut down work and responsibilities at the end of each day, and just enjoy time unplugged with my family.

But by all means, I wasn’t always this way. Though I think I handle my priorities with care, there are the inevitable things that end up at the bottom of the priority list tasks that aren’t pressing or urgent that needs to be done at some point, but nothing will burst into flames if you don’t get it done on the exact day that you write it down in your calendar.

I know I have to do that low priority task, eventually, but I keep waiting for the moment when I’ll either feel like I have time to do it or wake up, willing to deviate from my heavily routinized day to get it done.

And spoiler alert, I never feel like it, I don’t have time, and I’m never willing to knock my routine off course for a low-priority task. The problem is those low-priority tasks still hang around in my brain.

I see the unopened amazon boxes that were shipped to my house weeks ago and I keep pulling socks, one by one out of the dryer, instead of just folding the whole load.

So the other day, I kind of had an epiphany. I unintentionally scheduled a full day to finally tackle a handful of those low-priority tasks that have been hanging out of my list and in my brain for weeks.

And let me tell you the feeling I had at the end of the day was similar to what I used to feel at the end of my semesters in college like all my work is done. All my exams are done, all my papers are in, my list is actually crossed off, there was no more work to do, though not to be dramatic about it or anything, it was kind of euphoric. 😊

The next day I started work with a clear, focused mind because I’d finally opened those amazon boxes and I responded to the non-urgent but still important emails, I decided that from now on, once or twice a month I’m going to schedule a Do-It Day, any task still lingering on my list from the last few weeks…

I’m going to take one day or one morning and just do it. I hope my Do-It Day tip helps you feel more focused and productive. But don’t forget to rest and indulge in some playtime, because you’re more than the line items on your to-do list.


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So I hope that today’s blog just gives you a valuable thing or two to try in your own schedule. You are powerful and magnetic and amazing, on your most productive days AND on your slower ones, too. You got this!
We’ll see you next time…



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