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EP179: Easily Get Head of 99% of People



➡️ You know how they say at the end of your life, you will look back with incredible clarity over the course of your entire life?

Well, the question we want to pose to you today is: at the end of your life’s journey, who is the person you wish you had become?  

If you really think about it, that’s a pretty big question.

We all start life with more or less the same enthusiasm, our hearts ❤️ and minds filled with the spark of endless possibilities.  

But unfortunately, due to life’s circumstances, that glimmer often gets dimmer and dimmer for 99% of us.

We know this is kind of a bummer way to start out the episode but bear with us, it gets better!

You see, these secrets we’re unveiling today have been shared with only a chosen few, kindling a faint ember into a dazzling blaze. 

In this episode, we will unveil the skill of gracefully surpassing the majority and joining the ranks of the elite 1%, ensuring that your enthusiasm and fervor for life remain unwavering. 

This path will pave the way for both prosperity and profound contentment. But in order to dive into these three secrets, we’ll need to first talk about Muggsy Bogues. 

You might be thinking: Is he that guy from Space Jam? 🏀

And by the end of this episode, you’ll also understand that when being chased by a bear, if you want to survive, don’t try to outrun it.

Well, yes…but before Space Jam he was born Tyrone Curtis, best known for his remarkable career in the NBA despite being one of the shortest players in the league’s history.

You see, like numerous young basketball enthusiasts, Muggsy Bogues had big dreams of making it to the NBA. 

He shared the same passion and eagerness as his peers and could already picture himself on the grand courts of professional basketball. But as time marched on, his physical stature failed to match up with his lofty aspirations, making him stand out next to his taller contemporaries, who often stood a full 1 to 2 feet above him.

Poor Muggsy.

But you know what, guys? Muggsy didn’t accept defeat that easily. 😵😵

Look, it would have been so easy for him to give up on his dreams. Physical stature is just one of those things you can’t change, but he didn’t let that setback overshadow his dreams. 

Defying all odds and standing at 5’3″, he carved out an exceptional 14-year NBA career, becoming an iconic figure for the Charlotte Hornets.

We love that he refused to let his stature dampen his aspirations and dreams.

Instead, Muggsy, who couldn’t rely on his physical attributes to excel, concentrated on playing with greater intelligence, ultimately elevating himself into the top 1%—the pinnacle of excellence.

You know, just like Muggsy, a lot of us are bursting with dreams, goals, and a full tank of ambition. It’s as if we’re naturally wired to aim high and leave our mark. 

But here’s the twist: Time ⏰ has this quirky manner of revealing that initial excitement doesn’t always lead to those grand victories we dreamed about.

Even though we all start off on a fairly level playing field, as retirement starts creeping up, the actual picture can be quite distinct. Some of you guys are cruising along smoothly, but for many, the finish line they once pictured is far from sight.

👉 Earl Nightingale, the pioneering figure in the realm of self-improvement, said it best.

He once commented, “Consider 100 men who begin their journey at 25. All believe in a successful future. Their enthusiasm for life is evident. Yet, by 65, the results are stark: only one is rich, four have achieved financial independence, five remain employed, and 54 are broke. Out of the 100, a mere five truly succeed.” 

If you really slow down and think about this statement and what it means, it’s definitely a pretty hard gut check, but just recognizing this truth isn’t enough. 

Our next step involves unlocking the hidden key that can empower us to establish a path that steers clear of the stagnant waters of mediocrity.

Because none of us want to be mediocre, right?

So, how can we push ourselves forward? Let’s explore the age-old tale from Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes” for some insights. In the story, there lived an emperor with a deep passion for exquisite attire. 

We get it; the man liked his Gucci and Chanel. 😉😉

So he basically spent his taxpayer money on the most stunning attire, until the day when two trickers arrived into town.

This is where the story really gets good.

You see, these guys were so good that they managed to convince the emperor that their ability to craft fabric was so delicate and refined that it was basically imperceptible to those too lowly and imperceptive to grasp its magnificence.

So, these tricksters decide to play a little prank on the emperor. 

They make a big show of dressing him up in clothes that aren’t really there, all in preparation for this fancy parade. 

Believe it or not, the emperor was actually parading around in just his underwear!

Here’s the best part: the townspeople, instead of calling it out, started praising these “invisible” clothes.

They don’t want to seem silly or out of touch, you know?

But, there was one kid in the crowd who didn’t buy into the whole act.

📢 They boldly shouted, “Hey, the emperor’s got nothing on!”

That’s when the whispers started, and slowly but surely, everyone began to admit the obvious – the emperor was definitely in his birthday suit. But you know what? The emperor, even though he knew he’d been busted, still decided to keep his chin up and finish that parade. Pride can be a funny thing, can’t it?

You know, this famous kids’ story really shows us how we often get caught up in doing what everyone else does, even if it’s totally off-track. 

Nightingale once said, “The opposite of courage is not cowardice; it is conformity. And there you have the trouble today: It’s conformity, people acting like everyone else without knowing why, without knowing where they’re going.” 

That’s some scary stuff. 😆😆

So listen, at the end of the day, remaining in the 99% isn’t due to a lack of drive, knowledge, resources, or even skills.

Nope, it’s because of this culture of conformism and being afraid to stand out.

So to be in the 1%, you don’t have to be elite, you just have to remove yourself from mediocrity and conformism. 

Even if you’re the “worst” among the best, you’re already doing much better than the majority of the population.

That’s because the group of individuals truly pushing boundaries, taking risks, and aiming for excellence is considerably smaller. So why just go through the motions when you can achieve greatness? The choice is yours. 

And here’s the beautiful thing, joining the one percent is like being chased by a bear 🐻, you don’t try to outrun it to survive, nor do you have to be the fastest or strongest, all you have to do is run faster than one person. 😘😘

Now that you’ve figured out how to survive a bear encounter and get ahead of 99% of people, you may also want to learn how to grow your new-found wealth by tuning in to this episode on masting your wealth game via apartment investing.  

That’s it for us today; thanks for joining us! 🙌

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