The Destruction of the US Dollar and its Impact on Real Estate

The Destruction of the US Dollar and its Impact on Real Estate | The Kitti Sisters

EP178: The Destruction of the US Dollar and its Impact on Real Estate



Debates on daily coffee ☕ splurges, maximizing credit card rewards, or pinching every penny in your budget are not going to fix your current financial situation.

Actually, they’ll just steer you off track. 

But doing the things that we will go over in today’s episode will.

➡️ And it will be a game-changer for you as it was for Sirens from Greek mythology.

To explain what we mean, we need to take a step back and flip through the pages of US history.

Bear with us, it’s going to be a fun journey. 🤓🤓

The Dawn of the 20th Century

In the era preceding the World Wars, the British pound stood as the primary global reserve currency. 

But the upheavals brought about by the wars inflicted significant damage upon European economies, creating a path for the emergence of a fresh dominant currency.

The Bretton Woods Pact of 1944

In the backdrop of Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, nations in alliance undertook a transformation of the worldwide monetary framework. 

Leveraging its sturdy economy and substantial gold reserves, the United States dollar 💵 was designated as the primary global reserve currency, fixed to the value of gold at $35 per ounce.

After World War II

Once the dust settled, the U.S. stepped onto the global stage as a superpower 💪, giving the dollar an even bigger spotlight.

To help Europe get back on its feet, they rolled out the Marshall Plan, and interestingly enough, it was mostly carried out using dollars.

The Nixon Shocks of 1971

So, to fund both the Vietnam War and some domestic projects, the U.S. went on a printing spree, churning out a ton of money. 💸💲

This started making people wonder if the dollar’s link to gold was still solid.

In a bold move, Nixon hit the brakes on the conversion of dollars into gold ⭐, effectively bringing the era of Bretton Woods to a close.

OPEC and the Petrodollar (1970s)

Following the chapter of Bretton Woods, the U.S. got busy making arrangements to make sure that oil 🛢️ transactions happened exclusively in dollars, setting up what we now know as the “petrodollar” system.

Challenges in the 21st Century

The wake of the 2008 financial crisis and various geopolitical changes stirred nations to take a fresh look at the reign of the dollar.

China 🇨🇳, Russia 🇷🇺🪆, and a few others started making moves to reduce their reliance on the dollar, while new currencies and payment methods stepping up have hinted at the possibility of a more varied currency landscape on the horizon.

Current Landscape

For countries like China, Russia, Brazil, and others, de-dollarization resembles the practice of rotating crops in an expansive farmland.

Instead of putting all their eggs in one basket (the dollar), which can lead to soil depletion, these nations are cultivating a variety of crops to maintain and harmonize the overall health of the soil.

Although the U.S. dollar maintains its dominance, it’s encountering challenges.

Noteworthy is the exploration of alternatives to the dollar in international trade by countries like China and Brazil.

Even more worryingly, the value of the U.S. dollar is on a downward spiral within our borders. 

Yeah, and the excessive printing of money by the Federal Reserve has eroded its purchasing strength, resulting in a staggering 96% loss since 1913. 

Are you panicking a little bit right now? 😖😖

Well, don’t panic, because we’re about to clue you in on some major reasons why you don’t have to completely give up hope on the US dollar, at least not just yet.

Real Estate and Debt Interplay

Imagine the U.S. dollar as a gradually deflating balloon. As it decreases in size, the load it carries (or debt) feels lighter, facilitating its ascent. 

For real estate investors, this deflating balloon resembles shedding the weight of a backpack while climbing uphill. ⛰️

A weakening U.S. dollar streamlines debt repayments, which becomes a benefit for real estate investors who often depend on borrowed funds (referred to as OPM – Other People’s Money).

The U.S. Dollar Barometer

Picture a captain skillfully steering his ship through global waters.

To keep on the right track, he relies on a trusty compass.

Similarly, the U.S. dollar index functions as a financial compass for investors.

If the index reading dips below a specific threshold, it’s like a warning sign of rough waters ahead, prompting the captain (or investor) to get ready. 

The U.S. dollar index provides a glimpse into the dollar’s potency against other prominent worldwide currencies. A value below 100 on this scale signifies the fading influence of the dollar.

Implications of a Weakening Dollar

Think of the diminishing dollar as a seesaw.

On one end, as the dollar’s value declines, the costs of imports start to climb, disrupting the equilibrium.

On the other end, U.S. exports receive a boost, becoming more attractive to global buyers. 

While a falling dollar raises import expenses, it also strengthens the appeal of U.S. exports, which could potentially contribute to an improved GDP.

This devaluation might even be a strategic move to alleviate the national debt. Hey, that’s not too bad, right?

A Game-Changing Strategy for Property Investors

You guys, amidst the complexities of the financial hurdles we encounter, there’s a practical advantage worth considering: the strength of real estate as a tangible asset. 🏢

While the dollar 💲 undergoes its intricate fluctuations, influenced by the constant hum of money printing and the ebb and flow of inflation, there’s a straightforward solution beckoning from the distance – embracing real estate investment!

Why, you might ask?

Well, here’s the best part: as the dollar loses its luster, properties supported by sensible debt almost seem to extend an inviting hand, becoming more and more reasonably priced. 

Imagine this scenario: you own a property, its value steadily appreciating over the years.

Considering the ongoing currency shifts, instead of feeling anxious, you find yourself in an advantageous position to witness your investment flourish and generate substantial profits.

Returning to our earlier comparison with Greek mythology’s Sirens: these captivating beings were famed for their enchanting songs that drew sailors perilously close to treacherous shores.

Likewise, today’s financial landscape presents its own set of tempting distractions – flashy trends, fleeting fads, and enticing shortcuts to riches. 

The lessons from the Sirens’ stories offer a meaningful insight.

As we navigate the complex realm of finances, it’s crucial to steer clear of fleeting diversions and anchor ourselves to proven strategies, such as real estate investment. 

Just as the Sirens shifted their approach when their deceptive tunes lost their allure, you too possess the ability to reshape your financial trajectory. 

By concentrating on tangible assets-concrete, meaningful opportunities within reach, you can set a course toward genuine prosperity and stability.

Amidst the noise of financial advice and distractions, it’s the wise who attune themselves to the harmonies that genuinely matter, guiding them steadily towards prosperous horizons.

So, for all you smart investors out there, these properties could very well be your ticket to prospering in the days ahead. 

Opportunity isn’t just knocking; it’s practically banging the door down! 😘😘

Until next time, keep thriving on your journey to success!  



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