Real Talk, Our What Not To-Do List

Real Talk, Our What Not To-Do List | Kitti Sisters

044: Real Talk, Our What Not To-Do List


Welcome back 🎙️ Cashflow Multipliers! Nancy and Palmy here and we’re thrilled to dive into today’s topic goal setting that has significantly enhanced how we operate and run our apartment investing business while making your money work for you.  💪 Now, Palm, can you believe we have been recording the Cashflow Multipliers Podcast for almost 50 episodes?  

Wow, that’s pretty crazy!  Time just flies when we’re having so much fun!

Palm, before we continue any further, I want to ask… what’s been going on with you?

Honestly, I’m a little tired. I can’t believe we’re almost in the middle of Q2 and we still have so many goals we have yet to achieve. I don’t want to say we’re far behind because I know we have a strategy, but man it can feel hard to stay on top of everything all the time! 

Yes, yes… I couldn’t agree more. And I definitely feel like we’re not alone in this. I’m sure a lot of our listeners are thinking through similar things, especially those who are actively investing right now. 

It’s hard to stay motivated and on top of your game this time of year compared to all the gusto and vigor you had in January. 😬😬

Yeah, January me is not April  May me!  

January me also wanted to drink celery juice every morning and I couldn’t make it past a week. But, there’s no shame in that either.  For sure, it’s easy to get distracted and disorganized as the year goes on– and those audacious goals we set for ourselves earlier in the year may not have the same appeal as they once did. 

You’re right!  We can’t tell you how many years we’ve set goals that were so audacious and so overwhelming that by the time we got to the end of quarter two, we couldn’t even look at them. 

Anyone who has ever sent a text 📱 that took guts understands this, you said what you said, sent it out, and now you’re cringing thinking what is wrong with me?! 

Nan, that exact scenario just happened to me yesterday.  😖😖 I mean… similarly, setting those goals, telling people about your crazy plans, and then looking back and thinking who was she?! 

Sometimes goals can intimidate us. If you’re like us, you tend to pile on way too much in Q1, and then work nonstop to try to hit all of your goals before the start of Q2. 

And then the weather starts to get warmer, you’re probably looking outside thinking in case boba 🧋or “an Aperol spritz for normal people …. Yes, on an outdoor patio sounds a lot better than reviewing these apartment renovations.”

Nan, it’s natural, we all need a break. But then we stop looking at our goals and that innocent ☀️ summer spritz turns quickly into a fall fallout. Like, where did the time go?!

Now, you may be wondering how we know so much about this? Because we’ve been there before. And we’re not super proud of it, because you know us, we’re about making our money work for us, not the other way around. 

So we made a few changes. We learned that we don’t want to set our goals just for Q1 and Q2, and learned the value of spreading out our goals throughout the year so we’re not jamming everything in before the Easter bunny arrives. 🐰

Today ➡️ we’re talking about The Kitti Sisters’ strategy when it comes to goal setting that has significantly enhanced how we operate and run our apartment investing business. Without compromising on our main value– trading time for money. 💵

Nan, are you ready to dive in?  Are you excited?!

Let’s do this!

No.1 The No Plan Plan

First thing first, we maintain peak performance by starting each week without a plan. Sunday scaries? We don’t know her. Because come Monday, we’re cruising in with spending our time formulating our go-to plan for the coming week. 

And the difference between a go-to plan and goals is that we’re focusing on the 3-4 projects we must get done in order to reach our overarching goals that contribute to the larger goal– which is our quarterly goal. 🤩🤩

Nan and I love to break up our goals and divide them into plans because it helps us get to where we need to go faster, so therefore we’re not consumed by the weight of the quarterly goal. Breaking up goals into bite-sized pieces has made all the difference in our planning.

This may surprise some of you but we don’t do everything together. This means our responsibilities are different, but there are times when our jobs overlap. 

Like recording 🎙️ the Cashflow Multipliers podcast, for example. Or working out 🤼‍♀️  together, and making sure we’re eating meals 🥞🍣🥓 at the same time….

Okay, the last one isn’t always true– but you get the point! We’re both busy ladies who designate our time together and apart. And the best way we’re able to keep track of each other’s progress and keep one another accountable is through project management software. Our favorite is

And we’re big fans of the 4-day work week, and so is our team! It forces us to be more efficient, flexible, and prioritize the top things we need to get done so we’re completing our plan that accomplishes our long-term goals. 

One last thing, I think we should emphasize here is don’t let things go by the wayside! It’s very important to review what you have done that week to ensure you’re still on track to hit your annual goals. 

That tip you just gave Palm is so golden. ✨

No.2 Education is Motivation 

Next ➡️ our second key factor in making sure we’re on track with our goals is to never stop being inspired and continue our education. 

No… no one is going back to our college days– although sometimes we long for simpler times, a set schedule, and seeing our friends every weekend rather than planning hangouts three months in advance. By continuing education we mean the simple act of reading books 📖, listening to podcasts 🎧, and getting inspired by great leaders in the real estate industry. 

Education can tremendously help in three main ways

#️⃣ 1️⃣ expand your imagination, tap into that childhood wonder of yours!

#️⃣ 2️⃣ your knowledge, the day you stop learning is the day you’re in the ground, and

#️⃣ 3️⃣ get your mind thinking big, we often get in the way of our own selves.  

You wanna stay on top of your game? How you may ask… start reading– learn enough to keep you dangerous. 

Would you agree Palm, after university, we both kinds of just stopped our education? 

I was pretty burnt out from writing papers myself. And if I wasn’t contributing to my overall GPA– why would I care?!

And it wasn’t until we started surrounding ourselves with high-level entrepreneurs, looking at each other and thinking oh my God these people are really smart– and they read a lot more than us! 🤯🤯 It really kicked our butts into gear to see how real investors never stop learning, and neither should we! 

Guys, there are always new skills to learn, strategies to adopt, and ideas to generate. Especially in the world of apartment investing, where what we do impacts people’s lives. 

Real estate is hands-on when it comes to the impact you can have on people, it’s the difference between uncertainty and certainty. Turning basic shelter into a home. Making peoples’ dreams of loving where they live come true.

And for those reasons, and more! you always want to be on top of your game, be on-trend, and look for ways to increase the bottom line, NOI, and the returns to passive investors. Because the scary part is, that it only takes one wrong move to break trust.

No.3 Take Your (P)TO!

Next ➡️ our third pointer for reaching those goals is to rest.  Yes, you heard it right.  The Kitti Sisters just said to reach those goals is to rest.  😌😌 Don’t work too hard to the point where you forget to block days off. You know those crabby teammates, who more often than not seem to work more than play? 

Yeah, don’t be like that. So make a point to actually take the time to take time off. This idea actually came from one of our favorite books, right Nan?

Yes! The One Thing by Gary Keller is one of our all-time favorites and in it, he goes through the concept of how less can mean more by focusing your energy on one goal at a time, and a big one is the art of rest. Well, I would say resting is just as important as working. This is why we’re so intentional with the start of our year! 

Yup, for us we start every year with vacation mode ON and our Out of Offices still going past January 1. 

Why? We know we’ll need it and we know we’ll be able to afford it (that’s the perk of having your passive income paying for your vacays). Our perspective is working in between vacations. Not vacationing in between work. Do you see the mental difference?

According to a US Travel report, 55% of Americans don’t use all their paid time off.


Those who are least successful don’t reserve time off, either because they don’t think they deserve it or because they can’t afford it. 

Okay, guys, let’s take a pause right there. Whatever you’re doing, if you’re working a full-time job you deserve a break. Rest is essential to making sure you’re functioning, alert, and refreshed. Without taking time, you’re doing everyone, your friends, family, and co-workers a disservice. 😗😗

As for your affording, this pandemic has taught us that sometimes, home can be the safest refuge. You don’t need anything luxurious. Just DoorDash and a long bath. 

By planning our time off in advance, we manage our work time around our downtime instead of the other way around. Time blocking your time off allows you to be more rested, relaxed, and productive. 🤟

Everything needs rest to function better for sure!

Okay, enough talking about it and go do something about it, let’s see those vacation times blocked off for a better, overall you! 

No.4 Multitasking Efficiency  

And our last pro tip for you today when it comes to setting your goals and achieving them is ➡️ to stop multitasking. This will be tougher for some of you than others. 

Parents especially seem to be the masters at this, like making your kids dinner while taking a late work call. But the bottom line for a majority of people when it comes to making an impact in your work is that multitasking does not maximize your efficiency. We touched on this topic on EP020: Active vs. Passive: Which is Better for You?

According to author Steve Uzzell, “Multitasking is merely the opportunity to screw up more than one thing at a time.”

As we mentioned, people do have the ability to multitask obviously. 

Like how we’re recording this podcast and I’m already thinking about what’s for lunch!?! 😝😝

Okay, not quite the same thing, but I see where you’re going… Our point about parents is a prime example of this, wanting to be present with their kids but also making sure their work projects are under control. You can also walk and talk, chew gum and drive a car, but our attention still bounces back and forth. We are not computers, where our sole purpose is to focus on two things at once. 

Think of the repercussions for humans if this were the case! Two airliners cleared to land on the same runway, a patient was given the wrong medicine, and kids were left unattended in the pool. 

You see, all of these examples are tragedies that stem from people trying to do too many things at once and forgetting what they should focus on. 

American poet, Billy Collins, writes one of our favorite lines “We call it multitasking, which makes it sound like an ability to do lots of things at the same time… A Buddhist would call this a monkey mind.” 

And to further prove our point about multitasking not equating to efficiency, researchers estimate we lose 28% of an average workday to multitasking ineffectiveness. 

And this whole time we thought we were just being clever! Multitasking has this way of thinking it’s possible, but under its guise, we realize we’re never really doing what we’re trying to accomplish effectively.

Nan, so When people ask us what our secret sauce is quote-unquote for “doing it all” is our answer is what?

Oh, our answer is simple: we don’t have one. Not doing it all actually helps us do it all, we don’t multitask and we have multiple streams of income. Seems counterintuitive right? Yet somehow possible. ✨

While we want to grow our wealth, instead of trading more time ⏰ for more money we actually find ways for our money to work harder for us instead. Stay with us for a second here… Focusing on one thing at a time, putting our energy into certain plans that get closer to our overarching goals. In this way, we have multi-streams of income without having more than one job‼️

Guys, all of these ideas we’ve shared today point back to all the things we’re not doing in order to make our goals happen. We’re not planning, we’re not stopping our education, we’re not planning vacations around work and we’re not multitasking. 

Yes… and that way when the end of Q2 comes around we’re also not stressing. We love knowing that these intentional mental shifts have made an incredible impact in our lives, built our wealth, and made us happier and healthier, whole beings. So, what things are you not going to do today?

That’s it for today, Team Cashflow Multipliers! We love hanging out with you guys every week. We’re looking forward to being back Thursday next week with another podcast!this time about MAXIMIZING your investor’s returns. You only want the best to work with you, right?! We’ll share how you can make that happen. 

Don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe to our podcast and check us out on social media, we are @thekittisisters on Instagram. We love 🧡 connecting with people there too! 



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