3 Signs That It’s Time for a Career Change, and How to Pivot the Right Way

 3 Signs That It’s Time for a Career Change | The Kitti Sisters

Summary: Did you know you don’t have to feel stuck, burnt out, or exhausted allllll the time just to make a living?! Today’s blog will help you decide if it’s time for your very own exciting pivot, and how to start taking action towards a better life!


Change can be harrrrd, right? 😅

Even when you know a change will be for the better, it’s still super difficult to get out of your comfort zone and start again.

For example…breaking up with someone you 100% KNOW is the completely wrong person for you.

It’s totally not gonna be fun, even though it hassss to be done. 

But what about when it’s a positive change, like quitting your 9-5 job and pivoting into a brand-new career path? Liiiiike real estate investing?

Okay. That may be even MORE daunting than a breakup.

The unknown is tricky because, well, it’s the unknown. If you knew exactly what was going to happen, it would just be called the known. 😂

So, that job that is pushing you to your limit of burnout? It might be frustrating, but it is also familiar.

Familiar is safe. Familiar means you get a paycheck, you know what you’re doing, (at least some of the time) and you know what to expect. 

That’s why it’s important to know when it’s the RIGHT time to make a change. 

Because, listen. We can’t wait for you to change up your lifestyle and career and financial future through real estate investing.  But this is a big deal! And we’re not about advising you to throw all caution to the wind and run out of your office this very second.

Not yet at least. 😏

Let’s start by checking in with where you’re at now. Because awareness is everything.

We’ll walk you through the signs to look for that point towards WHEN it’s your time to pivot into your new adventure, and HOW to make that pivot as smooth as possible. 🙌

Here are the topics we’ll cover today:

You’re burnt out to the max.

What’s your current mental state when it comes to your job? Are you stressed? Are you exhausted? Do you spend every day wishing you could disappear for a year-long vacay?

Oi. We’ve beeeeen there. 👋

If you’re feeling allllll the things above, your burnout level is high. Like REAL high. And that’s just not sustainable, healthy, or necessary in the long run.

Now, we’re not saying that changing careers guarantees you a stress-free life.

Not at all.

But constant burnout is different than feeling stressed or tired sometimes. If you feel prolonged mental fatigue that never lets up – you’re probably burnt out.  

If that’s where you’re at, you’re soooo not alone. In fact, some people stay in a state of burnout for their entire career.

Yikes. 😣

They simply don’t know that there are other options available to them, and that change IS possible.

But just by being here right now, you’re opening up a whole new world of possibilities for yourself. When you’re sick of burnout and want to revive your career and lifestyle, we’ll help get ya on the right path.

You’ve run out of passion.

Time for a moment of reflection. Calm your mind, take a deep breath, and think about the work you do right now.

Go ahead and take a second. We’ll wait…🤔

Do you feel energized, inspired, or the least bit excited when you think about your career? Having passion does not mean that you won’t feel overwhelmed sometimes. 

Take it from us.

But if you find yourself burnt out and constantly exhausted WITHOUT passion, it might be time to reassess. Because, what’s the point, right?

There is soooo much more for you out there than just trying to survive your day-to-day job. Feeling excited about your work makes everything worthwhile. And it is absolutely possible. 😍

Your life is happening without you.

Do you ever get so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life?

This can happen even when you’re filled to the brim with passion. So, it sure as heck happens when you’re working juuuust to make a paycheck. 

Finding balance is challenging for everyone. Just think about if you have the ability to step back from work and focus on other things. Orrrr do you feel like you’re chained to your desk at all times?

We always talk about financial freedom because it is what we want everyone to experience. There’s nothing like having the freedom to choose where you spend your time and energy.

Sometimes you might choose to dive into work. Sometimes you’ll go on vacation, or just lock your computer away in another room for a few days.

The point is you’re free to choose. 🙌

If that sounds too good to be true, you’re probably feeling a bit stuck at the moment.

But don’t fret.

We’re here to tell you that you don’t need to miss out on your own life. It’s not too late to give yourself the gift of freedom and start truly living your life.

How to prepare for the pivot.

If you resonated with any of this so far, it’s time to make a plan of ACTION.

No. 1 Start with setting some clear goals for your future.

Don’t make any majorly drastic changes without making your financial roadmap. Goals will guide you in the right direction, and help you see the full picture before taking the big leap.

Check out our podcast episode that’s all about setting clear financial goals right here “Your Financial Goal-Mine.”

No.2 Now it’s time to find your freedom metric.

Your freedom metric is the amount of money you need to cover all your monthly expenses. Everyone’s metric is different based on lifestyle, needs, location, etc. But once you consistently hit it, you’re ready to dive into the deep end (AKA: quit your job, if you want).

Here’s an awesome resource for learning about your freedom metric, and how to calculate it. 👉 3 Steps to Start Passively Investing with Apartment Syndication (No Overwhelm).

No. 3 Take small steps towards change.

Not all change is drastic and permanent. Introducing passive income through apartment investing could be enough to alleviate your work stress. And mayyyybe passive income can replace your current work and change everything.

Pivot into a full new career OR pivot your thinking and mindset to make your career work for you.

Passive income gives you the choice. 😍

Just remember to take it one day at a time, and continuously check in with yourself. This will help keep you aligned with your goals.

One last note…

👉 Knowing it’s time for a change and having a plan doesn’t mean it’s always going to be easy. Buuuut hey. Do you want easy, or do you want that magical, exciting, extraordinary life you deserve? 🤩✨

Yeah, we thought so. Second choice alllllll the way.

We’ll help ya get there. Contact us when you’re ready for your own exciting pivot!


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