The Top 3 Resources to Learn About Apartment Investing


In this blog post, we’re diving into our favorite learning resources to get you up-to-date on apartment investing! From blogs to books to podcasts, enjoy — and happy learning!

Isn’t learning the BEST? 😗😗 There is value in investing in the right paid courses, but there is also so much you can learn about apartment investing, real estate, apartment syndication, and – of course – making more money that you can find for free! So, the question is, which learning tools should you invest your TIME in?

We’ve totally got you covered. 

We gathered this list of amazing (and freeeee) resources for learning new tools to multiply your income and up your apartment investing game. Because, well, finding ways to help you get rich is one of our favorite pastimes.

Duh. 😵

This 📝 blog will walk you through our top 3 favorite learning tools –

The Exact Strategy We Use When Vetting an Apartment Investment Deal | The Kitti Sisters

📍Los Tuneles | Isabela

We’ll even set you up with our fave places to start in each category. It’s all Kitti Sisters (that’s us) approved for money-minded folks (that’s you) to create more income and explore the ins and outs of apartment syndication.

Let’s get to learning‼️

The Top 3 Resources to Learn About Apartment Investing

Apartment investing books: like deep-diving into another brain for a bit

The right book 📖 is an amazing way to invest your time into learning about the real estate world. It’s like the author is lending you their brain, and it can totally change the way you think. Learning actionable steps to making money through investing from someone who has done it successfully?

Heck yes. Sign us up. 

We’re here for it.

Here are some books we ❤️ LOVE for your apartment investing and money-growing journey. Cozy up on the couch (or lay out on the beach 🌊 if that’s more your vibe!) and dive into good reads from some top-notch brains. 

It’s a Whole New Business!:  The How-To Book of Syndicated Investment Real Estate by Gene Trowbridge  

The title pretty much says it…but this book is THE go-to source for creating and sponsoring real estate investment groups. Talk about a brain you want to pick — Trowbridge is an attorney specializing in legal matters of commercial real estate syndication. 

He’s also a highly successful investor, sooo learning from him is a pretty darn great idea.

Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever by Joe Fairless

This one is great for newbies and experienced real estate investors alike and outlines easy-to-follow steps towards financial freedom through syndication and investment deals.

Real Estate Investing QuickStart Guide: The Simplified Beginners Guide to Successfully Securing Financing, Closing Your First Deal, and Building Wealth Through Real Estate by Symon He

This one is *such* a good resource for navigating the early stages of real estate investments. The author shares some rookie mistakes to avoid and what to expect when starting down this path towards making profit through apartment investing. 


Also – it has updated info specific to coming through pandemic times.

Apartment investing blogs: snack-sized servings of knowledge

We ❤️ blogs so much because you can learn about tons of different things in a short amount of time! We highly recommend checking The Kitti Sisters Blog, where we make sure to get a fresh post out every single week (like this one, obviously).

Our blog is an awesome source (if we do say so ourselves 😉😉 ) for everything you need to know about apartment investing and apartment syndication, creating passive income, knowing where and when to invest your money, and SO much more. ✌️ We like to think we can make some complex stuff sound actually fun and totally doable.

Here are a few of our faves to get you started. 😘😘

Where to Start: Finding the Right Team

We spill all the tea ☕️ for how to find your team! You’ll learn everything you need to consider when building your investment supporters, guides, and money-making squad. 

PLUS, don’t miss the free checklist for exactly what to look for as a passive investor in apartment syndication.

What You (Actually) Need to Do Before Quitting 9-5 Life 

 Just over here telling you exactly how we escaped our own 9-5 work life, and how you can do the same.

What the heck’s better than that⁉️

How to Get Started as a Passive Investor 

We’re all about big returns, less risk, and lots of fun when it comes to investments. So here are the ins and outs of multifamily apartment investing, and how you can get in on the action.

Apartment investing podcasts: learn while doing literally anything

As we’ve seen so far, reading is awesome. BUT being able to soak in new ideas and knowledge while listening? 

Umm, can it get any better than that? (helloooo multitasking) 🤓🤓

Check out some great learning-on-the-go podcasts. 

The Cashflow Multipliers Podcast

This is our brand new podcast that comes out twice a week with easy listening chats about — you guessed it — all things passive income & apartment investing. If you enjoy reading our (sometimes sassy) tips on getting rich, you will LOVE listening. 😍🤓


Subscribe here on Apple Podcasts + Spotify.

The Real Estate Syndication Show 

Listen to daily interviews with the most successful entrepreneurs in the syndication biz (talk about big-time inspiration, right?)

Find it on Apple Podcasts here, and Spotify riiiiight here.

Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Remember Joe Fairless, from our book list above? His podcast comes out twice per week and gives extra syndication tip goodness that goes even deeper than the book.

You can subscribe here on Apple Podcasts + here on Spotify.



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