The REAL Reason Your Business Isn’t Growing

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EP249:  The REAL Reason Your Business Isn’t Growing


Knowledge really is power…

But did you know that knowledge can also lead you to wealth, success, and freedom? 🤩

When you think of it that way, we should be ALWAYS learning, right?? 


We’ve noticed that it’s hard for people to dive into things they aren’t already skilled at.

But here’s the thing. 

Everyone, and we mean eeeeveryone has to start somewhere. 

You think J.K. Rowling popped out of the womb with all the writing skills needed to create Harry Potter? 

Of course not. 

Aaaand fun fact… she was actually rejected 12 times before getting it published. 😉

Now, we’re not saying you HAVE to fail to succeed. But here’s what we are saying…

You have to be willing to hone your skills, grow your knowledge and learn things you don’t already know if you want things you don’t already have! 🙌

And listen. Getting started doesn’t have to be hard… we’re here to help. 

If you have your sights set on a higher income and a stable financial future, then don’t let the “not knowing how” part hold you back. 

Not even for one second. 

Here’s to knowing there’s things you won’t know and learning them on the go! 🥂

Palmy ➕ Nancy

The Kitti Sisters


  • Unlock the power to dramatically increase your income by learning new skills and strategies now. 💓
  • Discover how bridging the knowledge gap can lead directly to wealth creation, enabling you to write your own financial future. 🤩🤩

Would you like to give yourself a raise?  Forget tiny bumps like $2 an hour or even $2,000 a month or $20,000 a year.  We’re talking about having the power to sign a blank check to yourself. If that’s the game-changer you’re looking for, that’s exactly what we’re diving into this episode.

Have you ever considered that everything you want but don’t have might be just beyond the things you don’t yet know or do?

Here’s the deal, the gap between what you learn and what you earn is closer than you might think. So, realizing this is crucial: bridging your knowledge gap can directly increase your income.  That’s where wealth is.

There was a time when traditional education was the key to success, but these days, many people who followed that path find their retirement accounts lacking.

Over the weekend, I met someone from the corporate world who told me she’s getting into real estate because she realized she couldn’t retire comfortably at her current savings rate. She said, “I don’t have much time left, and I need to accelerate my wealth building so I can finally retire.”

Wealth, both now and in the future, belongs to those who can learn new things quickly and put them into action effectively.  

Take a look at DoorDash.  In January 2013, a team from Stanford University launched, which later became DoorDash.  By summer 2013, they secured $120,000 in seed funding from Y Combinator for a 7% stake. By December 2018, DoorDash had surpassed Uber Eats to become the second-largest U.S. food delivery service, and by March 2019, it led the market with 27.6% share. The company went public in 2020, achieving a $72 billion valuation, surpassing the combined market caps of Domino’s and Chipotle. Its IPO raised over $3.4 billion, making it one of the largest in 2020.

You can see how they took a concept and implemented it within just a few months, and then, within seven years, their efforts were massively rewarded.

Think about this: if you’re struggling and your retirement account is looking empty, it’s probably because you’re stuck trying to earn how to make money the old way. Someone recently mentioned how the Kitti Sisters are making money on real estate by snapping up apartments. But what if you’re stuck at square one, wondering how to even get the money to start? Remember, you weren’t born knowing how to crawl, walk, or run. 

Is not knowing really a valid excuse? You learned to drive, use a microwave, operate the AC, and water your lawn, right? Not knowing is just the start, not a stop sign. 

We get it you’re highly educated, but if you let that convince you to stop learning, you might find yourself struggling for life.

Wealth is transferring faster than ever, and if you’re not constantly sharpening your skills, and fall into the trap of thinking you know everything, you’ll be left behind.

We know people look at us, and wonder “How do these two women raise so much money working part-time in real estate while their full-time job is just living life?” The secret? We never stop learning. We don’t pretend to know it all. We didn’t always have wealthy connections, and we don’t just DIY everything. 

You see we are laser focused on our goals, and we know there’s a gap to achieving them.  While other people are piecemealing info, doing from scratch, or think they already know it all, we look for how, and better yet who can get us there faster.  And we would recommend you do the same thing.

Tony Robbins said “If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and “copy” what they do, and you’ll achieve the same results.”

Whether you realize this or not, time will go by anyways, mind as well, get on board and don’t get left behind and learn how to be a part of 90% of World’s Millionaires that created their wealth with real estate.  

Here’s something to geek out about: Real estate is the largest asset class in the world with a global market size estimated to be over $280 trillion in 2023. This exceeds the combined value of all stocks and bonds and represents the largest store of wealth globally.  

Saying “I don’t know how to do it” just doesn’t cut it. Consider this: There was a time when the idea of syndicating large multifamily apartments (for us, that means 65 units or more) seemed like a secretive, daunting, and unreachable goal. We didn’t have millions in the bank or even access to the deals. 

But here’s what we did: we learned the crucial skills and strategies that really move the needle, which opened doors for us to collaborate with people who were more experienced than ourselves.

The key is to find someone who reminds you of yourself but is way smarter.

Learn from them to speed up your journey and, more importantly, to avoid unnecessary heartache and headaches. 

Are you all following this?  👀

Everything changed for us when we realized that time is going to pass anyway, so we might as well learn how the wealthy build their wealth.

When we shifted from fashion to real estate, specifically to flipping single-family houses, we were beginners. We didn’t know how to source deals, estimate rehab costs, secure funding, communicate with agents, or sell a house after renovations.

So, what did we do? 

We sought out mentors, learning from what they know and what we didn’t know, to actually make it a profitable business. 

➡️ Over three years, we renovated eight multimillion-dollar houses in Los Angeles and turned a profit.

We didn’t let the mentality of “we don’t know how” or “we already know it all” hold us back. 

We understand that sometimes we all experience both mindsets—the feeling of not knowing enough and the belief that we know it all—at the same time.  Thanks to our success in flipping, we were introduced to 🏢 multifamily apartments, which, as many of you know, have forever changed our lives.

You might be wondering, “What are you getting at?”

We’re saying that everything you desire is just beyond what you haven’t yet learned or put into action. And remember the old saying, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Time will pass whether you’re learning or not.

So let today be the day you start or continue on your journey.

✨ Remember, the more you learn, the more you earn.

✨ And the faster you learn, the faster you earn. 

Now that you understand the importance of learning for earning, go watch 🎥 this episode on how we made $8.65 million in real estate in just 27 months!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020, there’s been a yearly increase in the amount of U.S. office space being reduced or turned into residential properties. Data from the first quarter of 2024 shows that this trend is continuing, with more office space being converted or removed in the first three months of the year than what is typically seen in an entire average year.

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