Buzzing Trend: Build-to-Rent Real Estate

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We can barely contain our excitement about what we’re about to share. 🤩

See, build-to-rent communities are currently all the rage in real estate investing, and we believe this trend is actually here to stay. 

Today we’re sharing what this BTR hype is all about, the benefits to both renters and investors, and how YOU can get in on the wealth-building action. 

Here’s to striking while the trend is hot, and riding it into long-term wealth.🥂
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  • What are build-to-rent communities? 
  • Why renters are drawn to build-to-rent communities
  • The perks of build-to-rent communities for real estate investors
  • Could build-to-rent be your next investment adventure? 

Buzzing Trend: Build-to-Rent Real Estate

Build-to-rent communities are becoming alllll the rage in real estate investing these days…and that doesn’t look likely to change in the near future. 

This real estate trend is one that we truly believe will be sticking around for a long, long time, but let’s talk about why…

Why are these entire communities of single-family homes popping up everywhere, drawing the attention of both private investors AND major home-builders? 

The answer is pretty simple. The savviest of investors know how to follow the changing winds of wealth – and this gust is blowing strongly towards build-to-rent investments, and the BIG wealth-building opportunities they present real estate investors! 🤩

See, build-to-rent communities are what the people want (AKA the renters), meaning that it’s a great time to get into the action if you’re looking for steady cash flow and high returns from your real estate investment portfolio. 

So, let’s talk about the details – why investors and renters alike are raving about build-to-rent communities, why it deserves its popularity, and of course, how to start reaping the benefits for yourself! 


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What are build-to-rent communities?

Let’s start by painting a picture of a build-to-rent community, so you have an idea of what exactly we’re raving about here…

Imagine a nice little suburban town, close to plenty of job opportunities, schools, and new developments made up of lots of single-family home properties in a safe, usually gated community.

Sounds nice, right?

Build-to-rent communities could basically be on the poster for what the “American Dream” might look like. They offer not just rental properties to live in, but a certain lifestyle that people are seeking, more and more. 

These properties are built from the ground up, with real estate investors entering the project before construction even starts. 

Now, if you want to compare build-to-rent communities with apartment buildings, you’ll see some similarities and some major differences. Yes, both types of properties offer things like amenities, safety, fun events, etc, but apartments just don’t offer the same space and comfort of a single-family home or townhome. 

So, that’s where build-to-rent communities stand out from other rental housing options. Let’s chat more about the unique offerings of BTR communities, and why this generation of renters is reeeeaallly loving them. 

Why renters are drawn to build-to-rent communities

It’s not difficult to see why demand is high (and only growing) for BTR communities. They offer the comfort of single family homes, with all the added benefits of an apartment building. 

Renters can enjoy more space, yards, garages, dog parks, community pools, tenant mixers and parties, convenient property management, and so much more. 

See, these types of homes can be tricky to find for long-term renters looking to settle down and stay for a while, but build-to-rent properties offer the perfect solution. 👌

If you think about the people entering adulthood or starting families – the people who want a place to call home – you’re looking at mostly the Millenial and Gen Z generations. Some may desire the flexibility and freedom of renting versus buying, while others may just find home ownership to be out of their financial reach. 

Whatever their reasons for renting are, the appeal of the white picket fence ideal is still there. Renters, now more than ever, want to have the best of both worlds – the convenience, amenities, and cost of apartment living, with the comfort and space of a single-family home. 

That’s why we’re seeing TONS of new build-to-rent communities being built over the past year or so, and the demand is still growing way faster than developers can keep up with. 

You know what that means? 

Real estate investors are flocking to share in the exciting opportunities and bright future of build-to-rent investing. 

Let’s look at the main reasons why build-to-rent communities are (and will continue to be) excellent investment options to consider. 🙌

The perks of build-to-rent communities for real estate investors 

NO. 1 Build-to-rent developments save investors a lot of time 

The process of building a new home can take forever sometimes. Homeowners may have different ideas of how to customize their homes, which adds time and stress into the property development. 

In build-to-rent communities, however, renters can quickly choose customizable options that are offered, while the whole neighborhood is being built, all at once. This gets renters into their homes sooner, which gets the cash flowing to investors sooner. 

It’s a win for everyone involved!

NO. 2 Build-to-rent properties offer flexibility to real estate investors  

Build-to-rent properties have more options for making money than commercial real estate properties, which is great for investors who like the comfort of having multiple exit strategies. 

Properties can either be held for long periods of time – bringing in consistent cash flow through rent – or they can be sold to tenants, builders, or property managers at any time. In the event of a sale, real estate investors in the build-to-rent sector will get to see some big returns. 

Multiple exit strategies are super appealing for both buyers and investors because it minimizes the investment risk quite a bit. 

This brings us to our third perk…

NO. 3 Build-to-rent investments offer higher returns than other real estate investments

Long-term renters are willing to pay more money for a place that feels like home, with space, amenities, and the safety of a gated community. Pair the higher rent payments with the low turnover rates, and you’re looking at some serious cash flow. 💸😏

If you compare build-to-rent communities with apartment complexes, you’ll see that the single-family home rentals have a higher rate of rent increase. In fact, single-family home rentals have an annual rate increase of about 4.5%, where apartments typically see growth of 3%. 

So, by investing in a BTR community made up of lots of single-family homes, the possibility of increasing your cash flow annually is pretty darn good. 

Could build-to-rent be your next investment adventure? 

Now, we wouldn’t dare fill your mind with all of these exciting details of build-to-rent investing, without sharing how YOU can get in on the action!

We do like to tease…but not when it comes to you and your financial possibilities. 

Hi, we’re the Kitti Sisters. ✋

With tons of experience (and a proven track record) in apartment syndication, we’ve seen the market shifting and the wealth-building opportunities that await in the build-to-rent sector. 

For us, the best way to keep building our investment portfolio and help our passive investors grow wealth was to get into the build-to-rent game ourselves – using our apartment syndication knowledge and expertise to find the very best build-to-rent investment deals. 

Honestly? It’s going VERY well, and we’re absolutely pumped for what the future holds. By prioritizing durability, and tenant appeal, we’ve been able to set premium rental rates with lots of growth, making our investors quite happy. 

And you know what? 

You could be one of those happy investors! The best way to get involved is by joining our investors’ club – where you’ll get access to tons of investment resources, tips, and guidance, plus you get first dibs on pre-vetted investment deals that are perfect for you! 

And yes…we’ve got plenty of BTR opportunities coming up, so now’s the best time to join!

Join the Kitti Freedom Club today!

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