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Creating a positive money mindset is truly the key to attracting wealth, crushing your goals, and achieving the lifestyle that you totally deserve!
Here’s to changing your mind so you can change your whole darn life. 🥂
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  • What’s a money mindset and why does it matter?
  • Abundance versus scarcity money mindsets
  • Finding financial freedom starts with mastering your money mindset

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Let’s be real: Money makes the world go round.

That doesn’t mean it’s the most important thing, or every waking moment should be spent thinking about it… But it does mean that money is what funds all the things that truly are important – food, shelter, healthcare, travel, and well, everything that fills a need or brings joy.

So, yes… you could say that money is very important. 
What gets us into trouble, is actually the way we think about money – AKA our money mindset.
A money mindset is shaped by many experiences, beliefs, and examples, and has the power to affect not just how we feel and speak about money, but also how we MAKE money. 
Turns out, you’re capable of soooo much more than you even think, and taking control of your money mindset is the way to sever the negative thoughts holding you back, feel confident and empowered in your ability to make money, and set yourself free to live your very best life! ✨
Ready to learn how to attract wealth and kick financial stress to the curb?

What’s a money mindset and why does it matter? 

There is a reason why so few people achieve real, lasting wealth. And no… we’re not just talking about getting rich, because we all know that money doesn’t always equal happiness. 

The ability to make daily financial decisions confidently, feel empowered about how you make money, and live with the joy that comes from true financial freedom – THAT is what we consider to be a successful, wealthy life. 

Why is this level of financial success so elusive? 

👉 It’s because a person’s money mindset is the powerful, unseen force that either holds them back or lights up their path. 

We’re not being dramatic here. This really is like THE most important part of your wealth-building journey. 

Because, here’s the thing. You may not realize it, but your money mindset actually shapes everything you do – how you work, play, live, and feel – it’s all affected by your relationship to money. 

We know…that’s a lot to take in. 

But this is also a good thing. See, we all hold deep-rooted beliefs about money. Sometimes those beliefs manifest as stress – worrying about the future, saving every penny, or feeling anxiety over talking about and spending money. 

The good news is that it’s also possible to CHANGE your money mindset, and experience confidence, freedom, and excitement for what the future holds. 🙌

The reason so many entrepreneurs get stuck in a negative money mindset is, well, because it’s simply harrrrrd to consciously break free of their long-held limiting beliefs. 

But you know what?

You are on the path to choosing freedom. We can just feel it! By choosing to transform the way you think and feel about money, you are taking the first step towards attracting the wealth you deserve, and living the life of your dreams. 

And we are SO excited to be a part of your journey. 🤩

Abundance versus scarcity money mindsets

Can we share something personal for a sec? 

Our own relationships with money were not always in as positive a place as they are now. Growing up, we soaked in all sorts of financial beliefs that shaped the way we thought, worked, and lived for a long, long time. 

Our parents worked hard to give us a good life, while trying to inspire a solid work ethic in us from a young age. While we know they had the best of intentions for us, we ended up with some anxiety and stress about money, thinking that there’s never enough of it. 

This is called a scarcity mindset. 

Believing that only hard work can result in financial success, and fearing that there’s simply not enough money to go around is what keeps so many people trapped in an unhealthy money mindset. 

We eventually decided that we did NOT want to live like that forever – where time and income generation are forever intertwined. 

And we can tell you now, that there is a muuuch better way. 👌

Enter: the abundance mindset. 

Imagine thinking that there IS enough money to go around. How freeing is that? The difference between stressing about money and allowing wealth to come into your life is not about working yourself to the bone… it’s about making smart, confident financial decisions. 

So, what do you say? Ready to move away from scarcity and step into the power and possibilities of an abundance mindset? 

Finding financial freedom starts with mastering your money mindset

Taking control of your money mindset isn’t as easy as snapping your fingers (unfortunately), but it is possible, and it can be simple by following the right steps. 

Step 1: Identify your limiting financial beliefs

It’s hard to change something when you aren’t sure what exactly is holding you back, right? So this first step, where you think about what beliefs are getting in the way of adapting an abundance mindset. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself, to help identify how you currently think about money:

Do you constantly worry that there isn’t enough money?

Was money always tight when you were growing up?

How did your parents speak about money, or did they avoid the topic altogether? 

Do you find it difficult to set financial goals?

If you do set goals, is it difficult to see yourself achieving them? 

Does thinking about the future scare you? 

Do you feel trapped in the daily grind, scared of even taking time off or indulging in what brings you joy? 

These are just a starting point for you, to help narrow down how you really think and feel. If you find that you do have some negative thoughts around money, you are SO not alone! The next step will help you start to shift your money mindset and forge a new path forward. 

Step 2: Start to reframe how you think and speak about money

We know this sounds simple, but your thinking really does affect everything. If you can shift towards more positive thoughts and reactions around money, your actions will follow, guiding you towards better financial decisions and goals. 

Take notice of how you respond to thoughts or situations that involve money. If your first thought is negative, it’s time to consciously train yourself to find a more positive way to think about it. 

Remember, we’re seeking abundance – there is enough money, you deserve to achieve your goals, and you are absolutely capable of reaching financial freedom and funding your own future. 👏

We believe it… but it only matters that YOU believe it, too. 

Step 3: Make a plan for reaching your financial goals

All of this mental work is incredibly important, because it prepares you for the next step – taking action towards achieving your goals! 

When you believe in yourself and your ability to make money, you’ll feel more empowered to actually make it happen. 

And THAT, friend, is where the real, money-making magic can start to happen. 😏

Set small, achievable goals that you believe are possible, and you’ll find yourself building more and more confidence to take on bigger goals and long-term dreams. 

We broke free of our biggest limiting beliefs a long time ago – the biggest one being that money has to be tied to time and effort – and we have never been happier, more fulfilled, or more financially free. 

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