From the Brink of Failure to Financial Freedom

From the Brink of Failure to Financial Freedom | The Kitti Sisters

EP185: From the Brink of Failure to Financial Freedom


If you don’t learn to own assets, you’ll be your only asset until you die.  

You see, once upon a time, money dictated our lives. And not in a good way! 😣😣

We dragged ourselves out of bed to the beeping sound of an alarm clock not because we wanted to, but because we had bills to pay. 

It was the ultimate grind, the slog of daily reality was suffocating, and we barely had time to breathe.

We had a never-ending string of responsibilities, controlled by the puppet master of money, which ultimately controlled our lives. 

But, you guys, it didn’t stop there! Everywhere we looked, the media, our parents, society, heck, even ourselves, had conditioned us to believe that the only way to achieve success was via the non-stop grind. 

And boy, was that a one-way ticket 🎟️ to misery. 

Every day felt like a race against the clock, as we juggled a million tasks, ranging from meeting clients to delivering samples to grocery shopping and even taking grandma to the doctor. 

And you can forget any “me” time or fit in personal time to work out and take care of ourselves.

Sound familiar?

Yeah, this always-on-the-move lifestyle was not only exhausting, it was destined for failure.

You see, when you really think about it, it all comes down to core beliefs and at the heart of our constant hustle was the idea that we were the assets.  

Sounds pretty conceited, right?

No, but really, if you think about it, everything was dependent on us, and if we didn’t put in the effort, we would run out of money. 💵

In a society that romanticizes hustle, we were proud. Look at us 〰️ hardworking, successful, fashionistas in the fashion industry! 

But beneath the surface, our success was teetering on a fragile foundation, not unlike the deceptive serenity of Splash Mountain at Disneyland. 

One moment you’re enjoying a peaceful ride, and the next you’re hurtling into the abyss. 

And what an abyss it was!

So one evening, we were going about our usual daily grind routine, and we saw on the news that one of our major clients was shutting down its retail stores. And just like that, our world came crumbling down and we were thrust into a state of financial uncertainty, faced with the bleak possibility of unemployment. 

Have you guys ever found yourself in a similar state of financial hardship?

All of a sudden, questions flooded our brains.

Simple things, like how we would manage to pay our bills, and how we would reveal this predicament to our family, seemed insurmountable. 

To make matters worse, our lack of a backup plan added to the panic.

We were the asset, and suddenly, we felt worthless. 😖😖

We would be lying if we said this blow didn’t leave us reeling with despair and anger. But once the dust settled, it became clear that we had a choice.

On the one hand, we could fall back into our old patterns, continuing to run on the never-ending hamster wheel, or we could blaze a new trail. 

But hey, the reason we are with you today is that we had the courage to venture beyond our comfort zone. 

The turning point in our journey was when we mustered the courage to attend a real estate event, completely stepping out of our comfort zone. 

If you’re thinking, “That’s great for them, but I could never do it,” think again!

It only required a slight departure from our usual path to open our eyes to a whole new universe where time wasn’t bound by income.

This event opened our eyes to the fact that wealth creation should be independent of a limited resource like time.

👉 It was an epiphany that led us to invest $55,000 in a mentorship program. 😵‍💫😵‍💫

It was a lot of money, especially given our financial state at the time, but we took the leap of faith.

We’re sure you can imagine that we had so, so many doubts along the way. Not only did we have major imposter syndrome, but constant questions plagued our minds. 

What if we failed?

What if it was a scam? 

But despite our fears, we made the investment, and it turned out to be the guiding light we needed.

This became our ‘Eureka!’ moment, the instant of profound realization.

We came to understand that without learning to own assets, we would forever remain the asset ourselves until the end of time. 

Fueled by this revelation, we made the decision to invest in multifamily apartment real estate, and we’ve never looked back.

This venture opened doors to remarkable outcomes, enabling us to generate consistent cash flow, enjoy tax benefits, and amass assets at an astonishing pace, beyond our wildest expectations.

Today, our lives have undergone a remarkable transformation.  🤓🤓

No longer just assets, we have ascended to the position of asset owners.

➡️ Our journey has led us to over $300 million in multifamily apartment assets, and through our expertise, we have saved our investors over $77.8 million in taxes. 

Not only that, but we take great pride in having returned more than $20 million in cash to those who have entrusted us.

Now, that’s an amazing asset accomplishment!  

The best part about it all is that with an astounding 10X growth under our belt, we can now truly enjoy life’s pleasures. 

Each morning ☀️, we rise with the reassurance that our family will be well taken care of, no matter what happens.

This remarkable transformation hinged on a crucial shift in perspective – transitioning from being the asset ourselves to becoming owners of assets.

If you’re eager to embark on this transformative journey and transition from being an asset to becoming an asset owner, then come join us for a ride.  joining the Kitti Freedom Club is all it takes!

Whether this is your first time venturing into new territory, or you’ve been at this a while, you’ll be sure to learn some valuable lessons – and have fun along the way! 😘😘

Thank you for tuning in and bearing in mind that wealth creation isn’t limited by time; it thrives through owning assets. Take the first step today and start owning assets, breaking free from being an asset for the rest of your life. 

Until next time, keep thriving on your journey to success! 



The Kitti Freedom Club


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