4 Retirement Planning Mistakes You Might Be Making

4 Retirement Planning Mistakes You Might Be Making | The Kitti Sisters - 3

Summary: Planning for your later years can be simple – by putting your money to work for you. Avoid making common retirement planning mistakes, and learn how to truly set yourself for a financially secure future!

Things used to be simpler, didn’t they? 

People would work, work, work for the same company for 30-40 years. Then, as a reward for devoting the majority of their lives to the same employer, they walk off into the sunset with a sweet retirement setup. Supposedly, they would be set to live out their golden years as they wanted. 

Aaaand cue the long golf days, excessive knitting, or sailing off on a trip around the world.

That all sounds fine and good, but the world has been doing that thing it does – continuously changing – and things are a bit different now. For starters, most people do NOT stick with the same company for their entire working career. 

Some bounce around from job to job, hoping to find what lights them up and ignites their passions. But many people are also ditching their long-term, 9-5 steady schedules altogether, for more freedom and flexibility in self-employment. 

Fellow entrepreneurs unite! 😜😜

Here’s the thing, though. Entrepreneurship has a lot of perks, like being your own boss and living your best life…obvi. Buttt there’s one area where entrepreneurs can get into trouble, without the right resources and planning. 

👉 They don’t know how to financially set themselves up for life after work, AKA retirement. 

So, today we’re here to shine a light on common retirement planning mistakes, so you can enjoy your later years with less stress and more financial freedom. Because we believe you CAN have it all. 🙌

Here’s what we’re sharing!

Mistake #1: Expecting the government or past employers to support your retirement 

You might’ve grown up thinking a paid-for retirement was given. That used to be the norm, so of course it became an expectation for many of us. Health insurance, pensions, social security – it all used to be a sort of payment for the many years of service to one company. 

But if you’ve been employed by many companies or work for yourself, no one is going to just pay you to stop working.

Unfortunately 😑😑

Here’s a fun little story. Back in the day, companies used to give employees a gold watch to commemorate decades of loyalty and hard work. The Pepsi Co started the watch-giving tradition in the 1940’s, with the symbolism of giving retirees their time back after devoting so much of it to the company. 

Cute, right? 

But you might’ve noticed that this isn’t really a thing nowadays. Not only is the price of gold SO high that companies would go bankrupt pretty quickly, but working all your life for one employer is pretty darn rare. 

Now, there are plenty of perks resulting from the surge of entrepreneurism – more freedom, doing things you love, and creating your own schedules and pay scales, to name a few. 

Buttt the downside is, companies are not supporting retirees through their golden years (or giving away fancy gold watches) anymore. Why would they?

Waiting until you’re about to retire is way, wayyyy too late to start planning. So, the sooner you realize that you are responsible for supporting yourself even after you want to stop working, the better. 

And don’t worry…

Whatever you envision for your retirement can STILL be possible. You just need to take a different route than relying on someone else. We’ll help you find other, better ways to secure your future. 😉

Mistake #2: Hoping for that big inheritance


How great would it be if everyone could just pass down enough leftover money to support the next generation? That is simply not the reality we’re living in. 

Sure, some families might be fortunate enough to pass down wealth to children and grandchildren, making retirement planning a non-starter. But the truth is that even families that make a comfortable living may not have leftover wealth to pass down. 

At least, not enough to fund someone else’s retirement.

You just never know what will happen, and what your relatives will need their money for. The cost of living is high. They may need special medical care or assisted living in their later years, or there could even be a natural disaster. 

The point is, no inheritance is guaranteed, so a transfer of wealth should not be the base of your own retirement plan. It’s time to take your future into your own hands. 

Mistake #3: Neglecting to form your own estate plan

While we’re on the subject, don’t wait to start protecting your own future. This life is wonderful, beautiful, and totally amazing. But anything can happen, at any time, to anyone. 

The key to protecting your own wealth and family is to be prepared. 👌

We’re not talking about stressing about what could happen – because that will take away from your daily quality of life. We believe in putting in the preparation so that we’re NOT constantly bombarded by the “what ifs” around every corner. 

Setting up your own estate plan is a good start for ensuring everything you’ve worked for is protected. Creating a will and a plan of action is not just for the extremely wealthy or elderly folks. 

You can start rrrright now. 

Mistake #4: Not taking inflation into account

Inflation is something that you can’t control at all, but it’s important to always consider it when planning for your future. 

We’re currently at a 6.73% interest rate, as of March 2023 💰 – keeping us at a 40-year high. 10 or 20 years from now, who knows where inflation rates could be. If you plan on a certain amount of income or savings, that money could be worth less by the time you actually use it. 

Yikes. 😅😅

Considering a possible increase in cost and a decrease in the dollar’s do worth is imperative to any retirement plan. The good thing is, there are ways to work around inflation, so it doesn’t get the better of you.

For starters, always put aside more money than you think you will need. If you’re someone who sets aside a certain percentage for retirement each month, consider upping it just a little. The right percentage now might not cut it later on. 

Also, putting your savings in a position to grow is the BEST way to hedge against rising inflation. If money is just sitting stagnant, it has no hope of keeping up with changing inflation rates. 

Savings that can keep growing are the way to go, liiiike investing! 

And we happen to know a pretty awesome option for investing in long-term, sustainable assets that will keep your cash flowing – even after you’re done working. 😏👇

Now for what you absolutely SHOULD do…invest in real estate! 

Okay, we’ve obviously just been waiting to say those magic words. Because listen, there’s a lot that you have no control over in this life. But planning for your future and retirement is not one of those things. 

Putting your money to work for you brings peace of mind and less retirement stress. You are already taking your life and well-being into your own hands by working how YOU want to work. 

Why should that stop when you’re no longer working? 

There are plenty of mistakes that are being made when it comes to retirement planning. Investing in assets that will always be in demand (hello housing) is truly the best way to avoid the missteps. In fact, real estate investing might just change your entire future, AND the future of the generations after you. 

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you totally covered. By joining the Kitti Freedom Club, we can help you take your money from stagnant savings to passively growing income. 🤩🤩

All you have to do is take that first step towards freedom. 

Join the Kitti Freedom Club today.



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