Learning to Invest in Multifamily: Which Way Is Right for You?

Learning to Invest in Multifamily: Which Way Is Right for You? | The Kitti Sisters - 3

128: Learning to Invest in Multifamily: Which Way Is Right for You?


Wow, there are so many amazing opportunities out there to grow and develop yourself as a savvy investor!

👉 The options are endless, from self-learning to attending free masterclasses, reading books, going to conferences, joining a mastermind, or even getting a done-for-you service. It can be overwhelming but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s dive into each of these options, and get excited about the possibilities they present.

First, we’re putting you in the pilot’s seat here and we want you to listen closely as we outline the different ways you can learn, be mentored, and grow as a savvy passive investor. 


Self-learning is where it’s at, and the best part is, it’s totally free! There are countless resources available online that you can use to educate yourself about different aspects of apartment investing, including blogs, podcasts, and YouTube videos.

All it takes is a little effort and commitment to get results. Self-learning is huge and that’s where we think most people need to start, prove to yourself that you’re committed enough to get yourself results for FREE. 

There are many free resources available online that you can use to educate yourself about different aspects of apartment investing, including blogs, podcasts, and YouTube videos. 

If you’ve only been a listener of the Cashflow Multipliers Podcast and never implemented or taken any action based on what you learn here, let that be your first step. Apply, implement, and get yourself quick results. 

Free Masterclasses

You know we love good (free) masterclasses! 

Sure, not every masterclass is created equal, but when you find a good one, it can be a game-changer!  We’re sure you’ve signed up for a masterclass before and you felt like you walked away with nothing, but just wasting a lot of your precious time. 

You see, we honestly are not fond of those not-so-good masterclasses BUT if you’re in a place where free is what you can do right now then it’s not such a bad place to start there.

For us when we’re creating masterclasses, our outcome is to give away such amazing content that you can apply it and get results. If we can get you a result from free content, just imagine what we can do when you pay us, right? 

Reading Books

It’s amazing how much one can learn and develop through reading books. Reading books can be a huge way you can learn and grow. We love to grow our reading list.  It’s insane how life-changing a book can be.  

Curious what are our fav?

Well, first is the little purple book that changed everything for us 〰️ Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

Next is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hills.

Then it’s the Atomic Habits by James Clear.

Now waiting in the queue for us is Scaling Up by Verne Harnish (🤟 Nan).  And the Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs (➡️ Palm).

Going to a Conference

And if you’re ready to take your learning to the next level, then attending a conference might be just what you need.

Sure, it demands a higher level of investment, but the benefits are endless – from networking opportunities to concentrated learning from experts and speakers. 🤟💋

Online courses

Online courses can vary significantly in price, ranging from $100 to $15,000. 

The cost curve is steep in terms of the level of learning, support, and benefits that you can gain from online courses. 

The first online course we ever purchased was Tony Robbins’ 10-day program, “The Time of Your Life,” which cost $297. 

Once we learned to master our time, we realized the true potential of what we could achieve. 

It was an excellent way to declutter our minds and organize our priorities and commitments. 😘😘

We like this type of learning because we can access the content at our own pace, in our sweatpants, with our boba drinks 🧋 in hand, revisit it as needed, and quickly obtain blueprints and checklists that we can use to make our next business move in investing and get results fast.

While online courses may not be as effective as hiring an expert, you can apply what you have learned immediately and avoid feeling overwhelmed, which will help you achieve results faster.

Join a Mastermind

In 2019, we took a significant step in our apartment investing journey by joining our first mastermind, which was a substantial investment. We believe in the power of masterminds because proximity is power, and the individuals who gather in the room are crucial to our success.

Typically, a mastermind group is a costly investment, ranging from $15,000 to $250,000 or more. 

However, if you have the right leader/teacher, the cost is simply an investment in yourself. The truth is, if you can achieve massive results, the cost becomes irrelevant.


No matter what learning method you choose, it is perfectly suited to where you are in life at the moment. 

However, learning without implementation will not lead to the desired results.

Cashflow Multipliers, remember that wealth demands speed. 🚀

We appreciate done-for-you services that make learning easier and faster, particularly during certain seasons of life when we want to achieve things without much effort. 

Since we started investing in real estate, we have realized that this investment is worth more than 10 times its initial value, based on the results we have achieved.

We are the type of gals who would exchange money in our wallets for results FAST.

We don’t have 30-40 years to wait for financial and time freedom; we need them yesterday‼️

Imagine how you would feel if you had the financial and time freedom you desire, and if you didn’t have to choose between your family, work, or passion.

Imagine if you had the means and time ⏰ to live life on your own terms.  

The done-for-you service we are referring to allows you to retain control while getting experts to handle tasks that you may not have time for or may not enjoy. 

In the apartment syndication world, the power of the done-for-you approach means ➡️ experts help you find deals, establish relationships with brokers and/or sellers, negotiate with lenders, select the right property management team to manage assets, work alongside that team to implement business plans, and raise all the necessary capital (which could mean millions of dollars). 

Essentially, the experts will pre-vet investment opportunities for you. ⭐

The Big Picture

Overall, it’s important to understand where you’re at and where you want to go and see how you can close the gap, whether through self-learning, free masterclasses, reading books, going to conferences, attending online courses, joining a mastermind, or get a done for you service to expedite your result.  

❤️ Cashflow Multipliers, it’s important to keep in mind that acquiring knowledge has a compounding effect.

Once you learn something, you can continue to benefit from it for the rest of your life, as you can apply it to various situations and build on it with further learning and experience. 

This creates an exponential impact that should not be underestimated.



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