Millennials: The Wealthiest Generation Ever

Millennials: The Wealthiest Generation Ever | The Kitti Sisters

106: Millennials: The Wealthiest Generation Ever


So millennials, you are about to become part of the wealthiest generation ever, and guys, it’s already started.

But here’s the catch, if you don’t know this one important thing, your wealth can vanish (snap fingers) just like that! ✨

Have you heard about this thing called “the great wealth transfer?”

Basically, baby boomers are getting ready or already in the process of handing over their wealth and assets to future generations – which is you guys. You can read about it in the article we will link in the show notes, but researchers estimate that between now and 2045, somewhere around $84 trillion will shift hands. 

Where is this wealth coming from?

➡️ One word, boomers! 😉😉

Yes, your grandparents’ and parents’ generations are getting ready to transfer over their assets, which is crazy, because to date, Baby Boomers make up the largest population in history, around 71.6 million. 

Listen, the Boomers had it pretty good too. They benefited a lot from some pretty favorable events, such as growth after World War Two, expansion of globalization, relatively inexpensive home prices during their young adult life, the first generation of women to enter the workforce, etc. 👀

Not to mention, this generation has been very successful in accumulating a large amount of wealth via their career, business, and even real estate holdings.  And on top of this, there’s still more generational moolah floating around out there – as the Silent Generation (Baby Boomers’ parents) are still estimated to pass on $15 trillion. 

The Boom & the Bust

Based on these projections, those with wealthy parents are about to get much wealthier themselves through their inheritance of cash, business, real estate, gold, and so on. The crazy thing about generational wealth that we’ve talked about before is that the numbers don’t lie; by the time you hit the third generation, 90% will lose it all and 70% will lose it as early as the second generation.

The moral of the story is that just because you were given a boatload of money doesn’t mean you’ll know how to manage it. Look at the Vanderbilts, the Commodores passed away in 1877, and at that time his fortune was worth what would now be estimated as around $2.1 billion.  😲😲

He was the wealthiest man in the world, yet within 30 years of his death, his entire family’s wealth was practically gone.

Even worse, this is even despite one of his sons almost doubling the fortune he was left with! When the family finally gathered for a reunion in 1973, there wasn’t one millionaire among the lot.

The One Thing

Yikes, so what’s the one thing we should blame for these dramatic falls from grace?  A lot of people may blame the “lazy” or “entitled” heirs, but, we think that label doesn’t truly answer why wealth tends to lose momentum after just a few generations. 🤓🤓

The one thing that really crushes a family’s ability to create and sustain dynastic wealth is splitting up the fortune.

Instead, families such as the Rockefellers have been able to hold onto the majority of their wealth through six generations, despite their very charitable contributions. 

The difference between the Vanderbilt and the Rockefeller stories truly epitomizes the Kitti Sister’s axiom that it’s not about how much money you make, it’s about how much you can keep growing. 🌱

Income Producing Assets is the Way

We know that growing your wealth isn’t about being the hardest working person; if that’s the case, then janitors 🛠️ or other professionals that utilize their labor as a currency would be extremely wealthy.  

Instead, it’s about being smart and strategic with how much you invest your money. This means always focusing on tangible assets that have true intrinsic value – such as an apartment complex, for example.  

Apartment complexes serve a true fundamental need for shelter and they are an affordable option for those who can’t afford homeownership thanks to high property prices and interest rates. The tenants’ rents help pay all the expenses including mortgage, property tax, and insurance.  🧐🧐

Not only that, but if done correctly, the owners should never have to add an additional dime to sustain the property.

All the while, they can benefit from the regular cash flow the property will be pumping out, along with appreciation not just from the tenants paying down your mortgage, but also by the appreciation of the value of the property over time due to inflation, etc.

This is in contrast to some very speculative asset classes that have gained a lot of notoriety in recent years such as crypto and even the stock market. 😌😌

You risk losing all your wealth when you put all your investments into an asset class that does not have any intrinsic value and is truly only propped up by marketing spin doctors who get other people to jump in to keep buying more of that asset…hmmm why does that sound like a Ponzi scheme?

The Bottom Line

As wealth starts transferring to us millennials, it’s extremely important to understand what it will take to keep that wealth in the hands of the family for generations to come. Doing so is the difference between you accumulating larger and larger dynastic wealth and losing it all in as little as 3 generations. 🙌✨



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