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093: The Kitti Sisters Take on YouTube


Did you know that 90% of Gen Z have watched a video that made them feel like they were transported to a different place? 🤔🤔

Although we aren’t exactly Gen Z, we thought that was a fun fact to share, brought to us by YouTube’s 2022 Culture & Trends Report – check it out to learn more, there’s some pretty cool stuff in there.

The reason we are here today is that we have exciting news to share! 🤩🤩 Way before we ever thought about our Cashflow Multipliers Podcast, we planned to launch a YouTube channel. And now somehow we are already at episode #93; can you believe it?

This has been a long time coming. Truth be told, while we had the vision, we lacked the clarity and confidence, so we waited, and waited. But the wait is over.

Unlike podcasts, where we can show up and press record wearing our comfiest pants, recording for your Youtube channel is totally more nerve wrecking – not knowing what equipment to use, how to edit videos, or even the delivery – speaking in front of the camera is not within our nature. 😅😅

But despite all our fear, we know that growth lies outside our comfort zone!  Susan Jeffers wrote a whole book about it called Feel the Fear…and Do it Anyway – so we channeled some Susan, embraced our fear, and dove in!

Hopefully, this can be a chance for you guys to get to know us even better or at least from a different perspective. A massive part of our lives have flown under the radar with all of the other big things happening in our life:  closing our biggest deal to date ($71,000,000) enjoying a month long sabbatical, taking a roadtrip with our family, etc.

On top of it all, we’ve been filming and recording our YouTube channel:  The Kitti Sisters TV. 👈 🥳️

So today we’re letting you in behind the scenes of The Kitti Sisters TV in the making by kicking off with a little Q+A.

Why YouTube?

We don’t need to tell you that YouTube isn’t social media.  In fact, we would never want it to take the place of any of our other channels.

But it’s a place for connection, where you get to share what you love ❤️️ to do with the people who need it.  That’s a beautiful space, if we do say so.  

It’s also a place where we give concise courses on the strategies that allow you to implement as you go and see results right away.

What is the outcome you’re looking to achieve?

We know your time ⏳ is precious. Having the luxury to tune in and take us everywhere you go – dropping off your kids in the morning, folding your freshly cleaned laundry, walking your fur babies… while aligning yourself, getting educated, and becoming a more well-informed investor is what we are looking to achieve.

We’ve watched people transition their lives from sitting on the sidelines to becoming savvy investors – AKA getting rich FAST, and guess what?  You can do the same thing… in 10 minutes a week or less.  Crazy, right?

Tell us about your Youtube channel!

You might have guessed it – our YouTube channel is called The Kitti Sisters TV!  We still can’t believe we’re sharing this with the world!  There’s nothing more exhilarating and vulnerable than the moment you finally pull the curtain to reveal a work that has been under wraps.  This one-year project gets to go out into the world – and it’s calling for a mega celebration. ✨✨

It’s been really interesting because throughout the entire process, it started out as a love and hate kind of relationship.  And now, we both can’t wait to film 🎥 them.  It’s something we look forward to doing every single time.

What are some topics you will be covering?

Don’t you worry, we’re still your financial bff gals. And we still love to share inspiring stories, best tips, and secrets in owning your own time and achieving financial freedom through our favorite mode: apartment syndication. 🤓

We’re here to help you disconnect income generation from YOUR time, while getting more of your money through tax saving vehicles! 

How are you feeling now?

Keeping it real, filming 📹 each episode is kind of like that dream where you’re standing naked on stage.  It brings us back to the early days of entrepreneurship where you worry more about what your friends, people in your life, people who are supposed to support you will think vs. strangers.  Are they going to like what we’re saying and sharing???  It’s scary, yet exciting at the same time!

How can we support you?

Have you ever thought about what the best way to support your favorite YouTube channel is? It’s pretty simple! The number one way to support Youtubers is to subscribe! 🙏

That’s right – click like, hit the bell icon 🔔 , and share your favorite episodes with friends and family – these are all some of the ways you can support us and make a difference in our long-term success.

So get cozy, pull up a chair and settle in, because we’re about to unpack 4 reasons to subscribe and hit that bell icon. 👇

First, Stay Up-to-DateSubscribing to The Kitti Sisters TV is a convenient way to receive instant updates and keep track of the activities of your favorite YouTubers. It’s a useful way to stay informed and connected online.  Even better, when you subscribe to a channel, you can check a box in the subscription form that allows YouTube to send you email updates each time the user uploads a new video.

Second. Get More of the Content You Like – When you subscribe to The Kitti Sisters TV channel, you’re further giving the algorithms an idea of what kind of content you want to see. Which means you’ll get even more of the content you are about like apartment investing, passive income, financial freedom, and tax savings.

Third, Follow Friends’ Activities – You can easily view all the new activity of all the Youtubers you’ve subscribed to by logging in to your YouTube account.  This takes you to your subscriptions page, where you can see a list of all the channels you’ve subscribed to. 

Just click on each username in the left column to see the user’s latest activity on the site. Remember, don’t forget to click subscribe, like, and hit that bell icon.  The Kitti Sisters TV is live, like literally right now as we speak.  

Last, but definitely not least, Maximize Your Learning – YouTube is an immensely educational platform with channels carrying all kinds of information. As a subscriber of the Kitti Sisters TV, you get to gain new insights and keep yourself updated with what’s new in your subscriptions’ niches.

What are you most excited for?

We can truly say that we are most excited to help people draw their own targets.  Success is YOUR journey. Where one person might draw a line around ‘being financially free’, another person might circle ‘get out of debt’. 😘😘

Where one person might define their dream as watching beautiful sunsets in Oahu, another might be visualizing a big plot of land just begging to be turned into a lavender field.

That’s what The Kitti Sisters TV is all about – finding a better, smarter way, shifting the questions from the old ones that aren’t working anymore to ones that actually get you to where you want to be. 😉😍



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