Does the 4-Day Work Week Work for You?

Summary: Is the 4-day work week just a daydream, or can you make it a reality? We’re sharing the truth about trying this in our own biz, and tips to make it work for you! Quality over quantity…yes please!

We are ALL about working smarter, not harder at the Kitti Sisters HQ. 🙌

Sooo, when we first heard about the concept of the 4-day work week…well, let’s just say we knew that was our JAM! 🍓🍯

Heck yes to more quality work done in less time. Sign us up, please. 

We’ve been experimenting with the idea of getting our work done in 4 days to enjoy a better quality of life for us and our team. And honestly? It’s been a biiiiit of a challenge to stay with it, and not slide back into old habits. 

First off, we LOVE what we do. So, it’s sometimes tricky to step away from something that truly brings us joy. Plus, we travel a ton for work and pleasure – which is awesome, but can throw off any sort of routine. 

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Then, add in the fact that big investment deals sometimes require constant attention (liiiike our $71,000,000 deal that closed back in July).

Needless to say, we haven’t stuck to only 4 days each week exactly. BUT we’re committed to keep implementing the 4-day work week as much as we can. We owe it to ourselves, our hard-working team, and our families to create a better work-life balance. 

Oh, and our fur babies…they deserve more of our attention for sure! 😉

Today we’ll share our own honest experiences of testing out the 4- day work week. It hasn’t been totally easy or smooth, but we can see some awesome effects so far! We’ll also offer a few tips to help you make the transition, if you want to give it a try. 

Here’s what’s up today:

➡️ Awesome benefits of the 4-day work week

1. You can actually get more done in less time.

2. More job love, less work stress. 

3. Smaller carbon footprint. 

➡️ Now for the challenges…

1. Not everyone wants more free time.

2. Communication can be harder. 

3. Customers or clients may complain. 

➡️ Our top tips for trying the 4-day work week for yourself

1. Excellent time management is a must. 

2. Trust your team and give clear expectations

3. Streamline your work and communication. 

Awesome benefits of the 4-day work week

Okay, so let’s talk about benefits. Why is the 4-day work week so useful in business? There are lots of reasons, but we’re laying out our top 3 today. 👇

You can actually get more done in less time.

If you know anything about us, you know quality work over quantity is a saying we use often. So, when we heard that the 4-day work week means better productivity, even with working one less day…well, we were quite excited. 

The truth is, most work days have a few good hours of focus and productivity. Those are the good hours of the day when things get done. So, what are we doing the rest of the time? 

Getting distracted, interrupted, hungry, tired, stressed, worried, etc. 😅

Business at work is nottt the same as productivity. But, by decreasing the amount of time employees have to be working, those productive hours can stretch a little longer. 

Plus, an extra day to handle everything outside of work makes employees more focused when they are at work. The distractions and worries lessen when you have time to handle the things taking up space in your brain.  

More job love, less work stress. 

A 🐑🌳 New Zealand company called Perpetual Guardian conducted an experiment with its employees to test this out the 4-day work week. The results showed a decline in work stress from 45% – 38%.

Ummm how cool is that?!

Stress affects every part of our lives – even mental and physical health. If there is a way to lower stress levels for us and our team, we say let’s go for it! 

Our health is too important to stay stressed, and so is yours. 

That same New Zealand study also showed that employees’ commitment to work went up from 68%-88%. Better productivity builds confidence and empowerment in the workplace – which makes work WAY more enjoyable. 

Smaller carbon footprint. 

As if the emotional and health benefits weren’t enough…less work days is also better for the environment! 

By reducing commutes, energy, and power used for an entire day each week, our carbon footprint gets a liiiiittle bit smaller. 

If more companies started taking part, we could make a HUGE impact on the environment. 🤩

Think about all the office lights, air conditioning systems, heaters, and computers. Giving them all an extra day off per week reduces lots of power. Even for people working from home, shutting down everything work related can save energy in your house. 

Now for the challenges…

With all the great benefits of the 4-day work week, what could possibly be holding every company from taking an extra day off? 

Well, everything worth doing has unique challenges. 

Not everyone wants more free time. 

The truth is 〰️ some people are uncomfortable with the thought of taking three whole days off work. We’ll be honest here…there are times when we would rather be working than doing aaaanything else. 

Because we love it, yes 💜💜. But also because work can be an escape from life. When things are hard or uncomfortable, it’s common to get buried in work as a way to cope with the hard stuff. 

Communication can be difficult. 

That extra day off is great for shutting down communication about work-related things. 😌😌 Butttt sometimes three days is a bit too long to go for some time-sensitive matters. Certain industries could have a hard time with this. 

Customers or clients may complain. 

In some cases, customers may find it unfavorable for a business to work only 4 days. This depends on what type of services you provide, of course. But keep in mind that you don’t want things getting in the way of client satisfaction. 

Our top tips for trying the 4-day work week for yourself

From our Kitti Kingdom experience so far, we’ve learned a few things we’d love to share. These 3 tips can help you implement the 4-day work week into your own business…if you decide it’s right for you. 

Excellent time management is a must. 

You know how it goes…

If you have a certain amount of hours to do something, you will probably take all of those hours. But if you have a closer deadline, you can actually get the task done quicker. 

Good old Parkinson’s Law!

Taking this into account, we believe that it is possible to get everything done in a shorter amount of time. But being able to use your time wisely is very important. 

Check in with meetings, tasks, Zoom calls, etc. Are they all an efficient use of time? Could some things be shortened or skipped if they aren’t producing results? 

Trust your team and give clear expectations, 

Listen, any sort of change is going to take some time to get used to. Setting expectations is important to making your entire team feel prepared. 

If you decide to make the switch to one less work day…great‼️🙂🙂

Just make sure you stick to it without sometimes encroaching on your team’s off time. Don’t start allowing a 3-day weekend and then take it back when it serves you. Work together to find the right way to handle the busy seasons. 

Streamline your work and communication. 

Remember, we’re not trying to cram 5 days of work into 4 days. 

Thaaaat’s a recipe for stress and burnout for sure. 😣😣

Instead, find ways to automate your systems, create templates to save time, and figure out the most effective ways to communicate. Focus on the most important things to get each day. Will some things slip through the cracks? 

Mayyyybe. But you spent productive hours working on the important tasks, so it’s okay! 

For anyone unsure about being off the radar for three days, think of it this way. Most people don’t expect a response on Fridays as it is. Make sure you are communicating with your team earlier in the week. But if something comes up on a day you aren’t working? 

Chances are it can wait. 😏😏

The bottom line is there are benefits and challenges to everything. Find the way that you can be productive and efficient, while creating a good work-life balance and taking care of yourself. 

Then go for it! 


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