How We’d Invest $1 Million (and How You Can Too!)

Summary: What would you do with $1 million? While it sounds like a lot of money, it won’t last forever. So, today we’re sharing exactly how we would invest this kind of cash to get the best returns and build a truly wealthy life!

It’s no secret that apartment syndication has our hearts. ❤️

We loooove talking about it, sharing our stories, and helping others create passive income of their own. But the reason we love it so much is because it has drastically changed our lives for the better.   We got asked a really great question recently that we had to share…

“If you were handed $1 million dollars right now, to invest any way you want, what would you do?”

They probably wanted to know if we really do practice what we preach about apartment syndication, and we totally respect that!  So, to answer this question…first, we’d definitely celebrate… because we just got a million dollars. 🤣🤣

That’s probably a universal first reaction to being handed a ton of money. 

How We’d Invest $1 Million (and How You Can Too!) | The Kitti Sisters

Butttt after that, we would put that money straight to work, the same way we already put our money to work. Because as cool as a giant payday would be, a million dollars doesn’t get you as far as it used to. We want that $1 million to turn into more money…liiiike, a lot more money. But also, we care about creating a healthy and happy quality of life while we’re here to enjoy it. 

And listen, we get it.  Maybe you haven’t been just handed $1,000,000 recently, and you’re wondering how this is relevant to you right now. The truth is, it’s important to make a plan now, of what you will do when you are ready to invest your money. Preparation is key to achieving true financial freedom. 

And, while that large number would be a great start for investing, it’s definitely not a requirement. There are ways to start investing right now, that can help you reach those bigger payday goals. 

Let’s talk about the 4 ways to invest that will get your money working for you, passively growing, and setting you up for a strong financial future. 🔽

And yes…this is exactly how we’d choose to invest our own money, too.

Invest in yourself…because you’re the best. 

Given the chance to invest in aaaanything we want, we will ALWAYS choose ourselves first. 

Every single time. 

Think about it. What’s all the money in the world going to do for you if you’re not also taking care of yourself, growing, learning, and thriving? We always say we want a wealthy life, not just a rich life.  Because being rich is having money. But being wealthy is having a fulfilled life in all the ways that matter most. Investing in ourselves is one major way we create a wealthy life. 

Taking the time ⏰ to acquire new skills and knowledge that can help you build a better future is ALWAYS worth it. 

Even $1 million only gets you so far, ya know? 

But investing your time and money into feeding your brain with knowledge will last your entire lifetime. ✨

So, to get back to this metaphorical money we’re playing with today, we would definitely set aside some cash for learning new skills and growing our financial IQs. We know it will pay off in the long-run, because we’re investing in our greatest assets…our minds! 

Invest in businesses that help people. 

Next up, let’s talk about businesses. We both have true entrepreneurial spirits, so we LOVE everything about creating and growing businesses. 

Of course, starting a business does require some capital…there’s simply no getting around that. But if we were handed a chest full of cash? You best believe we would be investing in some sort of business. 

Maybe we help fund someone else’s private business, maybe we start our own (PS, been there, done that and we’ve never ever regretted this amazing journey!). 

If you’re curious about investing in businesses, here’s something to keep in mind…. Starting your own is riskier, but with higher potential returns. Investing in an existing business can be a bit safer, if there’s a proven track record and you believe it will continue to grow. 

We like to think of alllll the people out there creating ways to make this world a better place. Doesn’t that just fill you with hope and joy and all the good feels?! 🥰🥰

If you find the right business to invest in, it can be very rewarding – both financially AND internally. 

Making the world a better place is good for the soul. And that’s another way to become truly wealthy in all areas of your life. 

Invest in building an awesome team who has your back.

Okay, so far we’ve invested in our knowledge and business. Naturally, the next step is to invest in our TEAM. Because having the right team of supportive and skilled people is one of the smartest things you can do for growing your income. 

No one knows everything. That’s just a fact. Butttt the smartest people know how to leverage the skills of other people to fill in the needed gaps. That’s why investing in growing our team must be the next thing we do with our $1,000,000. 

We can honestly say that we would notttt be where we are today without our amazing team. 

If we tried to do everything ourselves from day 1…well, let’s just say we would’ve hit the biggest burnout LONG ago.  Wearing every single hat in a business just isn’t the vibe for us (or anyone who wants lasting success).   The key to successful investments and businesses is finding the right team. 🙌

Surround yourself and invest in people who trust you, teach you things, and help you grow in the right direction. 

Invest in our fave…apartment syndication. 

We’ve arrived at our favorite way to invest and grow our money. The previous investments (in self, businesses, and a great team) are essential to the success of this grand finale investment option. 

Imagine building blocks that layer on top of each other. They are all important and necessary in getting you to the top. 

But now that we’re at this top layer, let’s put that money to work! 

Multifamily apartment syndication is our investment strategy of choice. Whether we are teaching others or growing our own personal money…it’s our #️⃣1️⃣ wealth-building tool. 😍😍 And right now, it’s a better time than ever to let apartment syndication grow your passive income. You miiiight have noticed that everything from gas to groceries is getting more and more expensive. 

Hey, thanks inflation! 🙏🙏

But apartment syndication is the BEST way to hedge against the growing inflation and protect your wealth and assets.  

We don’t just say this out of things we’ve heard from others. We know this to be true from our own experiences and successes. In fact, we only wish we could go back in time and invest in MORE apartment syndication deals.

Because finding ways to get the maximum output from small input is a highly effective strategy for building long-term wealth. 👌

And you already know that we’re about creating a healthy wealthy life…notttt just a rich life. Investing in all 4 of the areas we just discussed will set you up for a highly fulfilling, wealthy life.   We hope you feel inspired to get your money working for you, too, after hearing what we would do with $1 million. When you’re ready to step out of the hypotheticals and start taking real action towards financial freedom…we’re here for you! 

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