4 Tips to Help You Avoid Burnout for Good

Summary: Feeling burnt out at work makes even the most fulfilling job seem exhausting. But we’ve got you with our tips for battling burnout, so you can feel energized and excited to keep chasing your dreams. 

Raise your hand if you’ve ever experienced burnout!

*Raises both hands high in the air.* 

Burnout can be a serious bummer when it starts to get in the way of your goals, dreams, and you know, overall happiness. 😞😞

And, it seems like there’s a deeper level of burnout these days, after many jobs became remote. Prior to 2020…we had a much different idea of what working from home was like, right?

It kiiinda sounded like a dream, not gonna lie. 

But when home become the ONLY place to work? Well, how do you ever turn it off, leave it at the office, or wind down after a long day? Suddenly your “escape” from your to-do list is gone!  You start working even longer hours, and the lines between that lovely work-life balance get really blurry at best.  

Well, that’s all pretty much a perfect recipe for burnout. And when it hits, not even all the job passion in the world can break through the exhaustion. 

We’re talking from personal experience here, if that wasn’t obvious. 

Which is why we ALSO know that being burdened by burnout is no way to live, but there is a better way…

Today we’re sharing 4 tips to help you beat the burnout so you can stay focused and driven in pursuing your goals, AND find release from daily job stress. 🙌

Here’s what we’re talking about:


4 Tips to Help You Avoid Burnout for Good | The Kitti Sisters


Tip #1 – Boundaries are SO important. 

Let’s hear it for the BOUNDARIES! 👏👏

Honestly, learning how to set boundaries has been a major game-changer for us in work life AND personal life. It’s not always easy, because this requires a lot of awareness of yourself and your own needs. 

You see, we all have limits of what we can and cannot handle. Aaaand when we constantly push past those limits, we’re setting ourselves up for total burnout. The body and mind eventually says “HEY! THAT’S ENOUGH!!” 

And that’s notttt a fun spot to be. 

So, boundaries are a great way of protecting yourself from reaching that breaking point. But it’s important to start now, because sticking to your own boundaries takes a bit of practice.

It’s easy to slide back into old habits, or get caught up in the hustle and grind, can’t stop, won’t stop vibe. 

The truth is, you CAN stop.

And if you want a healthy mindset, fresh focus, and productive workflow…you simply must have an off switch. 

Here are a few simple boundaries to start with:

Schedule your work time and your off-time.

This one’s especially challenging if you work from home, because your place of rest is also your place of work. But start setting your hours of operation…and then stick to them! There will alllllways be more to do if you’re looking for it. Give yourself time to shut down and walk away.

Communicate your availability to clients and coworkers.

Being available at all hours of the day is just not the vibe. Even if you’re technically “free” it doesn’t mean you need to be working. If you’re within your off-time, whoever needs to reach you can wait until you boot up, or head into the office again. Repeat after us. *Deep breath* it…can…wait. 

Limit your methods of communication.

How do you want to be reachable for work-related communication? Maybe you choose email, landline, cell, instant message, carrier pigeon…it’s up to you! Buttt, don’t offer up ALL your methods. Unless you’re on-call to save lives, a 2:00 AM text from your boss is probably not necessary. 😉😉

You’ll learn what boundaries work best for you with time and practice.

The point is to give your mind space to decompress from the buildup of stress. Even if you don’t feel overwhelmed yet, it’s muuuuch harder to recover once you get to that point. 

Tip #2 – Prioritize taking care of yourself. 

Listen. Your health and happiness is very important.

It’s crazy that we even need to say that, right?

But it’s something we had to learn while hustling around building our business. We used to think that being successful meant putting work above our own needs and desires. And that really wasn’t fun…at all. 

We learned that the two are not mutually exclusive. You can work hard AND prioritize yourself in the process. Because at the heart of your goals and dreams for success and financial freedom, what’s it all for if your mental and physical health is in jeopardy? 

There are a few ways to make sure you’re getting the attention you deserve…

Take a vacation! 

No time like the present, right? Small vacations here and there can help you rest and refuel for when you return. You might even find you’re MORE productive on the other side. 

Make time for the things that light you up. 

What brings you joy? Such a simple question, but one that notttt enough people regularly ask themselves. Even if your work truly does bring you joy, try to find things that make you happy outside of work too. A little separation is good for the soul. 

Simple pleasures make a big difference. 

Sometimes just a few minutes can change your mood, or even your entire day. Take a break, go for a walk, read a book, enjoy a long lunch, have your fave snack, do a workout…what tiny pleasures can brighten your day? 

Avoiding burnout means being able to put yourself first. Success will be MUCH sweeter if you do. 🙌

Tip #3 – Save your time…delegate and systemize.

So, here’s the truth. The way that wealthy people become their wealthy selves is NOT by doing all the things, all the time. 

Read that one again!

Aaaaany successful entrepreneur or business owner will tell you that delegation is key to saving your precious time, energy, and brain power. 

Being able to delegate tasks and hire people to take over certain jobs will change your entire life. And since we’re trying to protect you from burnout, asking for help is truly the way to go. 

We totally get how hard that can be, though…

Your work means a lot to you. Maybe it’s even your baby. Letting go of control is absolutely not an easy task! But if you’re in this for the long run, it’s a necessary challenge to tackle. 

Once you’re on board with onboarding some help, think about the systems you have in place. 

Have you been doing the same tasks over and over again? Are you spending all your time reinventing the wheel for each project? 

If your answer was yes to either question, you might be wasting TONS of time. And that time could be going into the parts of your job that light you up, orrrr the life things that you enjoy outside of work! 

Wasting time on unnecessary tasks takes you on the path towards burnout. 

So, simple fix here…

Set up systems that work automatically, keep you organized, and smooth out your workflow. 🤩🤩

If you work with clients, a good place to start is with CRM (client relationship management). There are plenty of different programs that will help keep communication organized and efficient. You and your clients will LOVE how much easier it makes things. 

Tip #4 –  Maximize your dollar with passive income. 

Alright, we saved our favorite tip for last. This is the one that changed everything for us, and to this day helps us feel energized and in love with our work. 

Passive income through apartment syndication, baby!

We’re talking about investing in an asset class that yields high return AND hedges against inflation. Plus, the tax benefits are goooood. Like, real good. 😏

What better way to save yourself from the exhaustion of burnout, than by creating income that rolls in while you enjoy your life?

It’s how you can take a vacation, cut the working hours, spend more time with family and friends, aaaaand kick burnout to the curb FOR GOOD. 

If apartment syndication sounds appealing, we’ve got you. 

We have tons of resources to help you get educated with all you need to know to maximize your dollar, your time, and your energy. 

And the best place to fully dive in? Join the Kitti Freedom Club! 😍

We can help you get off and running on your own apartment syndication journey, and let the passive income start flowing in. You’ll also meet a community of like-minded, burnout-free investors who are also building the life they deserve. 

And there you have it!

We’re all about working smarter, not harder. You can elevate your business without the stress of burnout. Set your boundaries, get rest, hire help when needed, use the right systems, aaaand open the doors for passive income. 

Burnout doesn’t stand a chance. 💪



The Kitti Freedom Club


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