Investment Secrets from Our Top 6 Cashflow Multipliers Episodes

Investment Secrets from Our Top 6 Cashflow Multipliers Episodes | Kitti Sisters v2

060: Investment Secrets from Our Top 6 Cashflow Multipliers Episodes


Hey there… Welcome back to Cashflow Multipliers.  Today is another special day, right Palm.

For real Nan… Cue the confetti and bust out the cake (red velvet please), because we are BEAMING with excitement about our 60th Cashflow Multipliers Podcast Episode! 🥳

Can you believe it?!

What a fun, wild, eye-opening ride it has been so far. 

Indeed Palm! On the one hand, we looooove being podcasters and helping people learn all about apartment investing and apartment syndication plus creating the life of their dreams. On the other hand, we’ve also been learning tons about ourselves, each other, and our own skills and goals.

We know that we have the best tribe ever. So, we couldn’t possibly proceed with the celebration until we pause and say THANK YOU. 💕

Whether you have listened to our podcast, shared episodes with friends, or wrote a review – we could notttt be doing this without you and your support.

We’re not crying…you’re crying. 😥

Seriously though, we feel the love and read every single review. It means the world to us. Just to know that even ONE person feels inspired or motivated to pursue financial freedom is enough for us to continue on our path.

We never thought we would get here. Now that we are, we sure as heck aren’t stopping aaanytime soon. 😏

Get ready for more juicy new episodes that make investment and finance talk *actually* fun. But first, we need to celebrate this exciting milestone.

Well, we hope that Cashflow Multipliers episodes have inspired you.  We hope they help you get through your days of being passive investors, entrepreneurs and sail through both easy and tough days as well.

Well, Nan for me I listen to at least a podcast or two a day, usually when I’m doing something else – I’m driving somewhere or folding my clean fresh laundry. 

For me, Palm, I love listening to a podcast when I’m getting ready in the morning or exercising.

So we’d love to know how you feel about Cashflow Multipliers, meaning like does it inspire you?  Does it get you through your days?  Is there something you’re hoping we would talk about that we haven’t talked about yet?  We want you to drop us a DM @thekittisisters on instagram.  We would love to hear from you.

Okay… so we’re fans of celebrating wins – big, small, and everything in between.

And since this win is alllll thanks to YOU, we want to celebrate by sharing some of our fave episodes so far. We hope you’ll get some true “AHA” moments as you listen. 🎧

Passive income…here you come!

Cashflow Multipliers, here’s our greatest hits celebration playlist:

Getting started in apartment investing and syndication ➡️ EP005 🎧

First up EP005.  It’s called  The Quickstart Guide to Apartment Investing & Apartment Syndication.  You see, the best place to start is the beginning, right? So, anyone new to apartment investing or apartment syndication should look noooo further than episode 005!

Yep, it’s the perrrrfect place to learn about the magic that is passive income, and how to kickstart your own investment journey. 🤩

👉  EP005 The QuickStart Guide to Apartment Investing & Apartment Syndication. 

Starting out is crazy exciting.  Remember that moment Palm?

Of course!

But knowing where and how to start…that’s the real struggle. This episode gives you a quick but comprehensive guide to what you need to know in the beginning. Consider it your Cashflow College:  Apartment Syndication 101, but, like… fun and easy to listen to.

Because if all college courses were this fun, Nan, welllll let’s just say we would’ve aced every single one.

That’s what we’re all about – making investment learning less stuffy and more FUN.

Let’s get you starting off on the right foot, with the knowledge and tools to go out and make your financial dreams a reality. ✨

Indeed.  So, when it comes to apartment syndication, we typically see two types of people.

Those who are brand new to apartment syndication and never heard of such a term.

Or others who have dipped their toe into the apartment syndication waters but haven’t taken the plunge. 

Whether you are brand new or ready to deep dive and explore what apartment syndication is, this episode is for you. Don’t worry, no pop quizzes, but there may be a group project.

The question on everyone’s lips: WTF Is Apartment Syndication?  Palm, can you give a 30,000 foot view explanation?

Okay, let’s break it down. Apartment syndication is when you pool your money with other investors to purchase an investment property, under an apartment syndication sponsor. If you’ve ever seen the Avengers, it’s essentially just like that. You’re joining forces with other investors to purchase an apartment — and that’s all *you* have to do. No fate of humanity on your hands here, although we would not mind meeting Loki.

See, with apartment syndication, the investors themselves really just have one job, wanna take a stab at what it is? You guessed it, to invest money. 

In apartment syndication, you’re not signing up to be a landlord or a property manager, and you don’t need to worry about broken dishwashers or rowdy tenants. That kind of work is left up to your apartment syndication sponsors, also called the general partners or syndicators. 

Next up, let’s talk about how to save on taxes ➡️ EP011 🎧

Okay, we know it’s not aaanyone’s FAVE subject. But we can’t possibly talk about apartment syndication without diving into the tax law.

But don’t worry. This is as fun as taxes can get…

👉 EP011 Your Guide to Paying WAY Less in Taxes.

Right Nan.  The key to saving money in taxes is knowledge. The more you know, the less you pay, because there are actually lots of benefits for investors written into the tax law. It’s kiiinda like an instruction manual for saving money.

No matter where you are in your investment journey, this episode is a MUST, if you want to keep your hard-earned money while investing and growing your income.

We want that for you. 😘😘

How many of you remember learning about consumers vs. producers in school? Ya know, the rabbit eats the plants and the lion eats, well, anything that stands in its way? We’ve all seen Lion King. 

Well, our guy, Robert Kiyosaki also has his own version of this. He took the quadrant a step further and split them in half. The left and right sides of the quadrant. Under this division, Kiyosaki analyzed the quadrants using each quadrant’s varying level of effort required to make money. The two quadrants on the left (E & S quadrants) are regarded as consumers. The two quadrants on the right side (B & I) are producers. 

You see, Cashflow Multipliers, tax law is all about those incentives. So if you’re making money just to consume (looking at you, E & S quadrants) you’re definitely going to be taxed on it.

The government likes it when we can produce, which is why a lot of the incentives lie with the B & I quadrants. If you’re on the right side of the quadrant, you produce jobs, housing, energy, agriculture, and so on. What the government has said, especially in new tax laws enacted in 2017, is that if you are on the producer side of things, the government is going to give you tax benefits.

This is all a reward for stimulating the economy. It’s important to reward companies for improving technology, increasing capital investments, and reinvesting in the growth of their businesses. 

All of this comes down to one simple question: How much in taxes do you want to pay? Based on that answer will help you determine what quadrant you should move into by taking advantage of all that apartment investing has to offer. 

Yep.  Give it a listen to learn all about the Cashflow Quadrant and where you fall based on your profession. Once you know, you can start to take advantage of alllll the money-saving benefits apartment investing offers you. 🙌

Alright moving on to the next one… Investing and numbers are like peanut butter and jelly ➡️ EP017 🎧

Yes… Speaking of notttt the most fun subjects ever…who wants to talk about math?

Okay we personally LOVE math; however, we know that’s uncommon. 😂😂

But when it comes to creating passive income through apartment syndication, a little bit of math is pretty much mandatory. Aaaand we’re trying to make math sexy again (if it ever was). So, check out the most important numbers to know how to multiply your income through investing…

👉 EP017 The 9 Numbers You Need to Know

Knowing the important numbers (think: gross potential rent, operating expenses, and cap rates), is exactly how to confidently navigate investment decisions. Choosing the right deals means knowing ALL the data.

A rookie move would be making decisions based on just a bottom-line number. And we get it…you want to know how much you’ll make from an investment. But this episode will give you all the data you need to make the right investment decisions for you, every single time. 😍

Another piece of advice, is don’t go for deals that could have a super appealing return if you’re not vibing with the General Partners. We get it, the bottom line number can be tempting but it means nothing if you’re not feeling confident with the people you’re investing with.

Also, this one should go without saying but we’re going to say it anyway: don’t invest in a market that is not going well. Like in Detroit, Michigan where they’ve had a negative population growth for the past 20 years. 

No matter how sexy the numbers look, if it doesn’t fit with your Internal Investment Criteria then it isn’t a good deal to you, right? And trust us, we have seen some smokeshow, Chris Evans-looking numbers in the past that we have turned out

Okay another one is…

Playing on both sides of the field:  Active and Passive Investors ➡️ EP055 🎧

If you’ve been around here a minute, you know that we like to give you all sides to every story. Sure, we have our favorite ways to invest, but we know the best way to find success is to feel confident in your own decisions.

So Nan, this episode lays out that we currently do both and have learned a lot by keeping our active investing game sharp by not halting our passive investing right?


What about you, Cashflow Multipliers? Are you a passive investor looking to diversify your assets? Or are you an active investor who wants a little bit of both? The good news is we’re here to help you get started. 

👉 EP055 Playing on Both Sides of the Field: Active and Passive Investors

It all depends on you and your goals. One option gives you a really hands-on, fully involved approach, while the other is more of a sit back and wait for the money to roll in type of investment. But they have their own sets of pros, cons, and rewards, which you’ll learn allll about with the click of a button.

PLUS, you’ll get a cuuuute free resource to help you navigate apartment syndication! 😏😏

Next up is Our Little Black Book for Using Metrics to Make Investment Decisions ➡️ EP057 🎧

As you know well, making investment decisions when starting out as a passive investor is no easy task. Especially when the general rules seem to be nothing but location, location, location. 

Exactly. And everyone has an opinion on where and how you should invest, from finance bros on Reddit to your Uncle Henry at Thanksgiving. 

And no wonder you’re left wondering what you should really be looking for. 

No fear Cashflow Multipliers, we got you covered.  

Yep, this episode is all about the four key metrics –  net migration, job growth, inventory to construction pipeline, and vacancy rates… All the key metrics you need to look for when choosing where you should invest.

👉 EP057 Our Little Black Book for Using Metrics to Make Investment Decisions.

In today’s market it isn’t about just relying on location, location, location right?

Hear this, it’s not that we completely disagree with those rules, it’s the why behind the what that we want to emphasize here. Why should you invest in a location that makes all the difference when you’re calculating risk, bringing in other passive investors, and feeling secure in your investments. Especially if you’re starting out. 

Alright, last but not least… How You and Your Assets Stay Bulletproof in the Recession ➡️ EP058 🎧

You might be wondering what all this investment knowledge is for if we’re headed into a recession soon.

Nan, this is actually where things get really cool. We have a podcast episode that is specially made to address all your investment fears about the current economic climate. Because we know it can be scary to invest money in a time when things seem SO unpredictable. 😅😅

Honestly, there’s never been a better time to get into apartment syndication than riiiiight now. 

Palm would you say… being aware and prepared is the best way to protect your assets and your future?  


So, we’ve got you covered as in this episode we broke down how to keep your assets bulletproof, secure a solid cap rate, and get ahead of the swing from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market. History is happening now, are you on the right side of it?

👉 EP058 How You and Your Assets Stay Bulletproof in the Recession


There’s no need to fear what’s coming when you’ve educated yourself on what to do. You’ll find that there’s one particular investment strategy that protects your wealth better than others during a recession.

Why is that?

For one, there’s less risk involved in apartment syndication. But also, renting in multifamily apartment complexes becomes one of the more cost-efficient ways to live during a recession. Which means that investing in apartment buildings keeps the cash flowing, even while other income routes are at a standstill. 🙌

Alright there you have it.  Dive into all the episodes which are linked in the show notes to learn more about protecting your wealth with apartment syndication!

We hope you find this top 6 playlist useful wherever you are in your journey. We highly recommend hitting play so you can become a more well rounded investor.

Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts, for being part of our amaaaazing Kitti Tribe. 🥰 🥰 And if you have a friend that’s looking to get some apartment investing support, looking to grow their wealth, or start their passive income journey through apartment syndication, please share this episode with them or this podcast in general.

We’d be forever grateful. 

Now, off if you love what you’re hearing, be sure to follow Cashflow Multipliers on your favorite listening platform and leave us a review.  Reading your reviews lights us up and helps us to give you the topics that you really want to hear.

Cashflow Multipliers, we’ll see you soon. 🧡🧡



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