4 Ways to Improve Efficiency: Spend Less Time, Make More Money

Summary: Want to learn how to find success at work and fully enjoy your life in the process? You can have it all! Today we’re sharing our 4 tips for improving efficiency and taking back your precious time!

Let’s talk about efficiency. 💪

Kiiiiind of a buzzword in our society right now. And for good reason…everyone wants to be able to do more in less time, WHILE making the most money possible.

Sounds great, right?

Efficiency is a powerful tool for freeing up more time, while still getting done what needs to be done. Butttt is it really efficient if you’re freeing up time just to funnel it back into the work grind?

That’s NOT our idea of efficiency.

We believe in spending our time doing what we love, with the people we love, ya know? We’re out here trying to learn new skills, get lots of rest, travel the world, and just be fully present in our own lives.  🙌

And we’re living proof that all of that IS POSSIBLE.

We believe in a workflow that supports your life, not takes over your life. If you feel the same, you’re in the right place, friend.

There’s no better feeling than finishing up your work and truly being able to unplug and do whatever it is you want to do.  

But that’s SO much easier said than done, right?

We’ve all had those lingering thoughts, worries, and mental to-do lists that start creeping in the second we walk away from work.

It doesn’t have to be that way! We’ve learned how to prioritize our days, maximize our efficiency, and *actually* find true rest (or play) when the time comes.

Repeat after us…rest does NOT equal laziness.

But, hey, we’ve also been on the other side of things, deep in the hustle vibe lifestyle. We’ve had seasons of growing our business that were aaaanything but restful.

Let’s just say weekends didn’t exist, vacations were things of fairy tales, and life was all about the grind.

If we didn’t make changes in our workflow, we were headed for some serious burnout. Luckily, we found balance between work and life, and truly LOVE how we spend our time now.

Want to learn how to take back your free time while still feeling fulfilled in your work life?

We’ve got you!

Here’s what we’re covering today:

4 Ways to Improve Efficiency: Spend Less Time, Make More Money | The Kitti Sisters

#️⃣1️⃣ The big three – don’t break off more than you can chew.

While having big goals is key to long-term success, let’s think about our daily actions that help us reach those goals. Small steps can make a biiiig difference, over time.

So, our first tip is to break up your bigger goals into bite-sized, daily tasks.  

We start every workday with a plan of action. That way, we know what needs to get done, and we can spend our time working towards making it happen.

For all our fellow list-makers out there, you get the sweet feeling of crossing off “to-dos” on the daily. 😍

The good thing here is that we’re not just working for the sake of it. We’re trying to accomplish certain tasks. It’s MUCH harder to waste time with unnecessary tasks when we’re clear about the necessary ones.

We call these the needle-movers, AKA things that get you closer to your bigger goals and keep you moving forward. 🙌

Try this…Start each day with your big three.

These are the three projects that you KNOW you can get done. If you end up with extra time and energy, you can choose to take on other tasks. But the main goal of the day is to finish the three that you planned on.

Make sense?

It will take some practice because we’re all creatures of habit. But after a while, this is a habit that will give you back more time that it takes. 😏

#️⃣2️⃣ Figure out what only you can do, then delegate the rest.

Everyone who is successful has had to learn how to DELEGATE at some point along the way. And we know…this is not easy when it comes to releasing control to other people. 😅

We’ll admit, we like control.

BUT we also know that many of our team members are actually better than us at certain things. Sooo, by delegating tasks they excel in, we are making our business better than if we spent all our time trying to do all the things ourselves.

Been there. Done that. Not going back

Delegation means more gets accomplished, at an even higher level. And then, we have the time and energy for the areas of our business that only we can handle.

Our second tip is this: Focus on the tasks that ONLY you can do and prioritize getting those done. Then allow others to handle the other stuff.

This may take constant reevaluation to keep you on the right track. We like to do time management check-ins at least once a year, but you might do them more frequently as you’re first trying this out.

Remember, your mind is verrrry important to the progress of your business…use it wisely.

#️⃣3️⃣ Project management systems are the best things since sliced bread.  

Our third efficiency tip is all about the tech side of things. We’re living in an age of technology. Why wouldn’t you harness its power for the good of your business?

By setting up the right project management systems, you can optimize organization and communication with all team members.

Aaaand don’t forget our BFF…automation. 😍

Automation will save you and your team COUNTLESS hours that can be spent elsewhere. And that is what efficiency is allll about folks.

Personally, we use Monday.com, and if we could give it more than 5 stars, we totally would. But there are plenty of options out there. Just find the right systems that fit your vibe and help take some things off your plate.

It always comes back to giving your time and energy where it’s needed most.

#️⃣4️⃣ Leverage your Benjamins with passive income.

We saved our best tip for last! This is what changed EVERYTHING for us, and soooo many others.

Our fourth tip is to leverage your money by creating passive income through apartment syndication.

It’s all about working smarter, not harder. And what’s smarter than literally earning money while you sleep?!

There’s no better way to optimize your time and start living the life of your dreams than by investing in apartment syndication. 🌟

Apartment syndication allows you to leverage the skills and knowledge of others to grow your wealth AND your time.

So, are you ready to put these 4 tips into practice?

Our final words of advice are to start small and stay consistent! Nothing changes in an instant, but LOTS can change over time. And the time you spend improving your efficiency will give you back more time in the long run!

If you’re curious about apartment syndication and want to learn more about the wonders of passive income, reach out with any questions!

Your very best life could be just a couple clicks away. 😉😘



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