5 Ways to Start the Search for Your Apartment Syndication Dream Team

Summary: If you’re on your way to creating passive income through apartment syndication, you need the best team of syndicators at your side. Here’s your guide on how and where to start searching for your dream team deal sponsors!  

One of the MOST important parts of venturing into apartment syndication is finding your perfect syndication deal sponsorship dream team (AKA general partners or syndicators). 🤩

Why’s this step sooo important, you?

Well, you’re after that passive income life — for life. This means that you want to make money through apartment investing while your team of awesome apartment syndicators does the behind-the-scenes work. It’s kinda like singing “Apartment syndicators take the wheeeeel,” while you go about living your life.

That takes a LOT of trust!

You want a team that you can put all your faith in to handle your money the right way. This is a BIG responsibility. Your team leverages your portfolio, manages the real estate properties, and makes your investment worth your while. 💰💰

Finding your sponsors should take patience and effort. You’re not like, deciding what coffee to order for your third coffee of the day…

That IS important, but not quiiiite as life-changing. 😆

You’re deciding who will be walking you through your journey towards financial wealth and freedom as we said. Finding the team to manage your investment deal should be a BIG deal.

So, here’s the most common question people have when they start getting into apartment syndication:

👉 WHERE do I even look for the right apartment syndication sponsors?!

It can be challenging to start your search because the starting part is always the hardest. That’s why we made you a little jumping-off guide with the 5 best ways to search for your dream team syndicators.

Here’s what we’ve got in store for ya:

5 Ways to Start Searching for Your Real Estate Syndication Dream Team | The Kitti Sisters

First of all, try searching the good old world-wide-web.

It sounds obvious…we know.

But, searching online for your apartment syndication sponsors isn’t as easy as it sounds — especially because some syndicators cannot publicly market their syndication deals under SEC law. But, they CAN market themselves.

So, your first step would be to simply start Google searching for real estate syndicators.

You’ll need to narrow down your options from there, because you’re looking for partners in your passive income journey. A simple search will bring back TONS of options, but not necessarily the right ones for you.

Because this is personal….your money, your future, your life.

Just know that picking the first result on your search page is notttt the way to go. Spend some time doing a bit of research to get deep into each promising option.

You, of course, want professionals who will bring you back great returns. But also, you want to actually like your general partners. Trust us…the like factor comes into play when you’re communicating and working closely together.

We’re talking about your dream team, not your kind of-sort of-mostly-okay team.

Aaaand when you DO find the right match, building wealth through syndication can totally be fun! 🥳

Here’s a tip ⏬

When you find articles with helpful apartment syndication knowledge that you enjoy reading, check out the author or publishing website. This is a great way to find syndicators because you already know you like their vibe and what they have to say. Now you just need to do your research and learn more about them.

Next up…try networking with friends, coworkers, and acquaintances.

A more personal option than Google searching is simply asking people you know. Real estate syndication is growing in popularity, and people in your life have probably met, or at least heard of, some syndicators.

Someone knows someone who knows someone. Always. 😉

Put some feelers out in your community and have your friends let you know if they hear about possible syndicators. Now you have extra ears in the field and all you had to do was ask!

Word of mouth is a great way to connect with your apartment syndication dream team. You trust the people in your life, and their recommendations could go a long way.

Consider asking your financial advisor, too (if you have one). Chances are they have direct or indirect experience with apartment syndicators or have been marketed to by at least a few. PLUS, you know your advisor has your financial best interest at heart, and this is a subject they’re most likely knowledgeable in.

Now, back to the internet — try online networking in groups and forums.

The internet is a VERY large space, which means there are endless opportunities for deeper networking outside of your immediate circle.  

You’ll find plenty of real estate investment groups and forums to join, giving you access to investors and syndicators from all over. Use keywords to search the forums for different articles (like “apartment syndicators” or apartment “syndication operators”) or post your own questions for feedback.

Facebook is full of investment and real estate groups, and you can get pretty specific on what types of groups you join. Maybe you want to stay local to your area – there’s a group for that! Maybe you want to only be among multifamily apartment syndication investors – yup, there’s a group for that.  

Explore different groups and engage in conversation with investors and sponsors. You might just hit it off with the right people at the right time. 😏

Here’s one of our faves…listen to some podcasts and take notice of the ones you enjoy.

We LOVE a good podcast, and we’re definitely not the only ones.

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular for spreading knowledge in alllll types of industries. They’re fun, they’re easy to digest, and the best part is…they’re totally FREE. 😍

Many apartment syndicators and investment experts are getting into hosting and sharing podcasts. How cool is it that you could hear your potential sponsor’s voice and vibe even BEFORE reaching out?!

We love that for you.

Start devouring some investment and real estate syndication podcasts ASAP. At the very least, you’ll get tons of free tips. Aaaand at the most – you could find the perfect sponsors for you WHILE learning all the things! 🙌

PS…speeeaking of podcasts, have you checked out 🎙️ Cashflow Multipliers yet? Here’s a great place to start as you’re venturing into apartment syndication 👉Listen to EP005. 🎧

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