Mantras, Manifestations, and Making Money

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051: Mantras, Manifestations, and Making Money


One of the things we often wish for is what it would be like to spend our time hanging out with all of you. Spending time and meeting up with every single one of you 〰️ Simply spending time grabbing a glass of wine–or two– and your passive income journey through your apartment investments, what challenges you’re facing, and most importantly, how you’re processing emotionally. 

We know there’s a whole life you have outside of analyzing investment opportunities and tuning into webinars, so taking an inventory of where you’re at does more than just help you mentally, but makes you a better investor overall. Putting on your own mask before you can help others type of deal. But outside of challenges– celebrate your wins! 🥳️🥳️

We so often forget the things we accomplish because we hyper-focus on the loss. But your wins, big or small, can help you even on your toughest days. Whether that’s through a gratitude journal, or having a folder on your desktop labeled WINS where you save all the good things that have happened, we’re all about celebrating together.

Speaking of celebrating together, we have some news to share with all of you. We recently hit a huge milestone this year by winning the biggest deal we’ve ever done to date!  Last year collectively we purchased 4 large apartment complexes valued at $100+ Million, well this deal alone is $71 Million!  Talking about scaling here! 😍😍

While we love this for us, it wasn’t always like this.

Life has this funny way of humbling you before rewarding you. Think back, have you ever been a major letdown before hitting a winning streak? Maybe you were rejected from an amazing job opportunity only to get away better in the future. 

Or you didn’t hit all the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year but ended up achieving them later down the line. What’s the phrase again? “Make plans and God laughs?” 

We’re not here to mess with the cosmos, we just want to secure great deals. So what exactly constitutes a “good” deal? And how do you make a “good” deal turn into a great deal?

Glad you asked!  When the Kitti Sisters talk about great deals. We’re talking above-average returns your investors, below-average risks, an inflation hedge that can withstand the strongest markets, and have extraordinary tax benefits that even Uncle Sam is jealous of. But, those deals don’t just happen. 

That’s why we have to be prolific at what we do. This is why we’re constantly underwriting investment opportunities. One– or a few of them!– have to land, right? 

You would hope, but sometimes they don’t. Because as we all know too well, in this life, being let down comes in the same package as simply existing. Sometimes, you don’t win. Disappointment is a part of the deal.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we are so thankful for the life we have been fortunate enough to live. 🙏🙏 We have a great support system from our amazing friends and family and of course, the most recent addition to our crew– all of you! The Cashflow Multipliers Team. This community is truly the secret ingredient we have been most thankful for recently. If we are a PB&J sandwich, all of you here are the bread that supports us. 

Back to our recent deals we recently secured, our largest deal to date, it’s closing this month!

Now, if you here and want more info on your next step in your apartment investing journey with us don’t forget to join The Kitti Freedom Club – an exclusive investor’s club designed for everyday people! 

As we mentioned, life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, it’s often a lot of disappointment. And we wouldn’t be keeping it real with you guys if we didn’t share the losses either. One of our recent losses was to the tune of $400,000. And don’t get us wrong, that is a lot of money but in the world of apartment investing, $400,000 is a drop in the bucket compared to the $40 million deal. 

The truth is, there is a lot of work that is done before we blow up our investor’s inboxes with pre-vetted and hand-selected opportunities. With us, these aren’t some bargain-bin investment deals we’re rifling through, they’re designer brand and couture certified. 

Okay, maybe we’re hyping ourselves up a little but honestly, with the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes, these are some of the crème de la crème of deals. We’re talking hours of underwriting deals, touring the properties ourselves, building relationships and joining networking events with key stakeholders, working with property management companies to come up with CAPEX budget plans, working with lenders to ensure the best loan terms, and doing market intelligence research. Whew! 

And with all of this work done behind the scenes, it’s a lot to get lost in. I mean, anyone who has ever been sold anything knows there’s always something “better” on the horizon. So, what grounds us so we’re not lost in the one-upping world of apartment syndication? It’s simple, we go back to our mantras.

We have three mantras that we absolutely love. These are the “unofficial rules” that we live by and always come back to. We consider these mantras our third partner when vetting deals. They keep us grounded, alert, and remind us of the bigger picture at hand. 

Today, we’ll be sharing these mantras with you. The best thing about these phrases is even if you’re not in the apartment syndication space yet as a passive investor, odds are you have experienced when life circumstances are beyond your control, which is why these will work for you too! 🙌🙌

What We Focus On, Expand

Let’s talk energy for a second. And before some of you start rolling your eyes at us, hear us out. Ever heard of the phrase “your thoughts become your reality”? The same rules apply here. Whatever energy you choose to focus your thoughts on, is exactly what will attract your reality. 

How often do we mistakenly think we have 100% control over things? Our hands are way up! 

You would think we have learned our lesson by now. As we all know, we actually don’t have much in control. Don’t be fooled– we’re all just faking it in life. 

Every day for those in apartment syndication we see this play out. Why do sellers go with other offers? The reasons can be endless, sometimes the seller has a personal relationship, execution certainty that other buyers give, and $1 million in cold, hard cash that other investors have as a flex to showcase they’re a serious buyer. 

We can’t control those outcomes or what other people will do. But we can control our mindset. When we experience back-to-back losses, we, as apartment operators, must give ourselves some grace. It’s hard not to feel a little down in these moments with thoughts like “did we do enough” running through our minds.

Even though we spent weeks and months beforehand underwriting, analyzing, studying the market and submarket, and taking meeting after meeting with brokers and lenders. 

Oftentimes, we have remind ourselves that our losses do not determine our worth. We love what we do, but we can’t tie our happiness to only winning deals. So, to the deal we just lost, instead of focusing on it, accept defeat gracefully and get moving on to the next thing. Why? Because what we focus on, expands. 

Instead of focusing on defeat, we focus our attention and energy on what we need to do to win the deals and– yes we’re going to say it– manifest our dreams and goals to become reality. 

And feel free to replace the word “manifest” with whatever feels right to you. Prayer, thoughts, sending good vibes, we’re here for it all because it all boils down to one thing: Focus. 

With that being said, we are happy to announce that though we lost a good deal, we were able to win a great deal just three weeks later. Oh, and did we mention it’s our biggest deal to date?! 

With a $71 million purchasing price with 300+ units in the heart of the Houston Texas market. 🙌🙌

The deal we just scored can be classified as a vintage Class A property which means it’s just new enough to be under warranty and gorgeous but also old enough to have a proven track record of rent growth and rentability. Honestly, this building is like something from our dreams. 

And it just gets better. With this Class A vintage property, we will be able to get better risk-adjusted returns, higher demand on the exit, major profitability, inflation hedging, and tax savings.

So here’s our challenge to you. The next time you feel like something doesn’t happen in the way you want it to happen, slow down, take a few deep breaths, and take a minute to yourself and say “What I focus on, expands.” 

If you want to manifest, pray, focus, whatever your dreams and goals, it starts with mindset. The richest people in the world aren’t rich because they know the best strategy. They were crazy enough to believe in themselves. So be crazy enough to believe in yourself.

Focus on what you want–not on what you don’t want. You surely will see–and create–more of it. 🧐🧐

Be the Who, Not the How-To People 

Growing up, many of us experienced what it was like to be a how-to person. How to be a good student, how to play a sport, how-to interact with people once you left mom and dads. But, through all of that, there wasn’t a lot of who. As in, who are you?

Zig Zigler, the motivational speaker said it best “you will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” So what does this mean for you? 

The second mantra we live by is “be the who and not the how-to person.” There are a lot of people who know how to do a lot of things. But, they don’t know who they are when it comes to the types of problems and solutions they can provide for other people.

Some people just stick to their lane and never bother glancing to the side once. Maybe if they did, they would see there are a lot of people who need more of who they are and not what they can just do. 

We believe the more people you are a Who person for, the more successful you will become. Helping people get what they want doesn’t mean you’re doing all of the “How” but rather, through your resources, whatever those may be, you can enable them to get what they want and need. 

Like securing your financial future through apartment syndication. Buying real estate is not so hard, but when you buy and have to operate large apartment complexes of 65+ units, that takes expertise. So what do you need? People who can help you get there. 

Finding 🔎 the right Whos in your life will also help you with overall time management. Life gets in the way and dedicating your time ⏳ and effort to apartment investing may not be possible for you right now. We all have 24 hours in a day and you can accomplish a million times more if we stopped asking “How” and started finding Who. 

Take what you’re doing right now for example, wherever you’re listening. If it’s cleaning your home, on the road, or working out, you found a couple of Who’s right here. And while we may not reside in Whoville– our goal is to help you become financially free while you’re free to keep doing whatever it is you do. 

With apartment syndication, you don’t have to learn every “how”, you find the Who who knows How and that will help you collapse the timeframe to achieve your financial freedom. 

If you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed in this world of apartment syndication, start asking yourself, “who can help me accomplish this goal?”

Stop Trading Time for Dollars

Our last mantra we basically have matching tattoos of, and if you listen to the podcast, we wouldn’t be surprised if you did as well. Can anyone guess what it is?

Stop trading your time for money. 

This isn’t our mantra because we’re lazy and want to spend our time 🏝 island hopping for the rest of our lives. We haven’t reached Real Housewives status just yet!

We value life too much and growing up in a home where our parents were too busy pulling double shifts and working multiple jobs to spend time with us made us realize we wanted to get out of the rat race cardio for good. 

When we found ourselves in the fashion world, we realized that even though we were making good money, it was pulling us away from the life moments we vowed never to miss. Family reunions, baby showers, and birthday parties– all in the name of being ‘too busy.’ 😞😞

So when we took that leap of faith by finally investing in apartment syndications, we gained our freedom of time, finances, and futures back. That’s the power of mantras. That’s the power of words. 

So after you close out this podcast and carry on with your day, we’re going to leave you with a challenge. For some of you, this will be easy, and for others, it might take some soul searching– and that’s good! We want you to share your mantras with us on Instagram by tagging @thekittisisters. 👈

We weren’t meant to go through this life alone, so learning from one another especially in a community as amazing as this one, we want to reap every opportunity we can! 👌👌 We high-level entrepreneurs have to stick together, there’s already so much competition in this world so let’s unite on life-changing thoughts and practices. 

We’ll be sharing some of our favorite mantras on Instagram so be sure to share, tag, and follow us @thekittissisters so we can see your incredible words of wisdom! We can’t wait to read the genius thoughts from the Cashflow Multipliers Team.

Which of these feels like the one you needed to hear? Which one feels more natural to you?

  • What we focus on, expands.
  • Be a who and not a how-to person.
  • Stop trading time for dollars. 

Apartment syndication and investing can feel so overwhelming, these mantras are packed with wisdom, and remind us of the bigger picture. We hope these simple sayings help you navigate being a high-level entrepreneur, no matter what season you’re in. 😍😍



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