Tips for Getting Started in Apartment Investing as a Non-Accredited Investor

Tips for Getting Started in Apartment Investing as a Non-Accredited Investor | The Kitti Sisters

Summary: There can be a lot to learn when you’re starting out in multifamily apartment investing – but don’t fret! We’ve got you covered with the tips to get you growing your passive income and experience, even as a non-accredited investor.

When you first start diving into real estate investing, you realize pretty quickly that not eeeevery single investment opportunity is available to you.

Well, first of all…congrats! 

You’ve made it out of the daydreaming phase and into the action phase. 😏

But, we totally get how some of the nuances of apartment investing can be challenging at first. So, we’re here to help clear some things up and boost your confidence to take the next steps towards financial freedom. 😍

No need to get discouraged by fancy terms like accredited and non-accredited. Once you have the right knowledge, you’ll be navigating investment speak like a pro.

At this point you probably know even more than you think.

And we’re here to bridge the gap and help you learn as you go. Because you CAN do this. You CAN become an investor, bring in tons of passive income, and create the life you deserve. ✨

Aaaand you can start it all without having any sort of title. If you’re willing to invest your money and are ready to get involved, you are an investor, and there IS space for you to thrive. 🙌

Now, let’s get to the learning so you can get to the earnin’!

Here’s what we’re talking about today:

Accredited vs. non-accredited…what’s the difference?

Some larger deals you come across may be labeled as accredited investors only. And we get how that can be a little off-putting or disheartening. No one liiiikes being excluded. Especially when there’s big money on the line!

But trust us on this.

Differentiating the two different types of investors is a GOOD thing. To understand why, let’s first get clear on what accredited investor status even is.  

There are just 2 different ways you can get accredited investor status. 👇

  • Have a net worth of $1 million – individual OR jointly.
  • Have an annual income of $200,000 or higher individually, or $300,000 jointly.

If you don’t fall into either of those criteria, that is OKAY. Because it’s important to note that accredited status was not labeled to be exclusive, but to create safety for less experienced investors.

Yep. It’s actually helpful for newer investors.  

There’s always risk in investing, but non-accredited investors are kept out of the larger, complex deals to protect them from the high level of risk involved. Just because you can invest doesn’t always mean you should.

How awful would it be to dive into investing head-first, ready and excited…only to get rocked by a deal that wasn’t right for you?

Not on our watch!

But basically, that’s the idea of separating the two. You may end up being accredited down the road, but you aaaabsolutely do not have to wait to get started.

Let’s look at how you can start investing NOW. 🤩

For non-accredited investing, start small.

Okay we hear you…it doesn’t sound suuuuper exciting when we tell you to start small with your apartment investing.

But we want you to have long-term success and a financially secure future. So, we absolutely have your best interests at heart with this advice.

Promise. 😘

By “small,” we mean try starting with a smaller property – like a duplex, triplex, or fourplex. These are still considered apartments, so you get the benefits of multifamily investing. But they aren’t giant complexes that lead to way more risk and overwhelm.

If you’re after the big ones, your time WILL come.

Let’s just get your investor foot in the apartment door…literally. 🤣 Then, you’ll be able to gain knowledge and experience over time that will eventually lead you to those bigger deals.

Let’s focus for a minute on how to find success in your smaller investment properties first.

Location is truly everything.

Choosing the location of your investment property is suuuuper important. When you’re first starting out, we highly recommend choosing a property that’s local to where you live. This works well because you’ll have easy access to the property when you need to be there.

Sometimes it makes the most sense to even live in one unit while renting out another in the same property. Obvi, that’s not always possible, but can be quite convenient if it is!

Keep in mind that investing in properties that are not local is not wrong. We just suggest waiting until you can bring in a team to help manage properties that you can’t personally get to.

Finding an up-and-coming area with lots of growth potential is ideal. Look for growth possibilities in jobs, population, and rent.

There are a few other things to look out for when choosing a location…which is why it really is the most important step.

Here are some questions you can ask…

Are there big companies popping up to create jobs?

Are more people moving there?

Do you think rent will go up from where it’s at?

Baaaasically, find out if the area is getting more and more desirable. That’s the sweet spot where your investment return can flourish. 😍

Make sure you know alllll your numbers.

Once you find that perfect location for your investment property, you’ll need to analyze and compare a few different numbers. Let’s look at what these numbers are, and how they help you make the right property choice for you. 🙌

  • Maximum rent possibility: You want to know how much you can charge for rent without being too far under or over other properties in the area. Researching other properties on Zillow or similar sites can be a great way to figure out your potential income.
  • Know your NOI: Your net operating income can be found by subtracting your annual property expenses from your annual rental income. That will leave you with how much annual cash flow you can make.
  • Capitalize on your cap rate: Take your NOI, divide it by the total mortgage, and what you’re left with is your cap rate…which is the rate of return you can expect. For reference, 5%-10% is considered a pretty good investment.

Doing a little research to get to know the different properties in your chosen area will go a long way.

Figure out the above numbers for any apartments you are looking at, and you’re on the right track to a successful apartment investment. ✨

Build your experience  

This last tip might seem pretty obvious, but it’s SO important. Breaking into apartment investing is a buildable process. Starting small can line up stepping-stones to the bigger, life-changing deals that you’re dreaming of.

Buuuut those future deals will only be possible if you get some good experience under your belt FIRST. And the best part is, you will be making passive income while you’re building up your portfolio!

Make money now in order to make more money later?

That is our fave type of win-win. 😏

When you invest in one property you’re putting money into repairs, increasing the property value, and paying down the mortgage with rental income. This builds equity. Aaaand what’s so great about equity?

Get this…

You can use your equity to withdraw cash to invest in another property. Then repeat the process as maaany times as you want! And just like that, you’re well on your way to some serious passive income returns. 🤩🙌


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