6 Things That Surprised Us About Being Co-Authors on Our First Book

6 Things That Surprised Us About Being Co-Authors | The Kitti Sisters

Summary: So, we did a thing – we co-authored our first book! Let’s talk about the process, the challenges, and the surprising things we learned along the way. Whether you want to write your own book or not, this blog has insights and inspiration to help you follow your dreams!

Have you ever had one of those leap of faith, trust your intuition, face your fear type of decisions?

It’s the kind that you just know you need to say YES to. But knowing that doesn’t make it any less scary. Sooo, you just buckle up for a wild, exciting ride.

We felt ALL of these feels during the whirlwind process of becoming co-authors on our first book 🤩

Did we face doubt, fear, over-thinking, and uncertainty every step of the way?

Heck yes!

Are we SO glad we went for it?

Double heck yes!!

We knew it wouldn’t be eeeeasy, but we definitely didn’t know what we were getting into. The truth is (and you know you’ll always get the truth from us), no amount of preparation can replace real life experience. Sometimes you just have to dive in and learn as you go.

So, that’s what we did! And we can’t WAIT to share the results with you. But for now, we want to pull back the curtain of this whole book-writing adventure.

We’ve had to keep it all to ourselves for a while, which you knowww is hard for us. 🤣🤫

So, here’s what you’ll get today:

  • How did we find ourselves writing a book?
  • The things we learned along the way…
    • There are a lots of words
    • It’s not lonely
    • We felt naked
    • Summarizing is hard
    • It’s like releasing a part of you into the world
    • Naming it is not easy

How did we find ourselves writing a freaking book?

Every story starts with an origin, right? We are stillllll pinching ourselves that we are officially authors 📕😍

So, let’s just rewind for a sec…

How did we even get here?!

Honestly, it was not at all how we imagined writing a book would be. Although, we didn’t have a ton of time to imagine much at all. This process happened FAST – like, real fast.

It all started on a night like any other night. We were having dinner with a friend who casually brought up a book that his friend was working on. We love books, so we would’ve been intrigued anyways. But our friend said the one phrase that put us on the literal edge of our seats.

The book was going to be about millionaire dollar identity. 🤯

That’s only, like, our FAVE subject in this whole world, right? So, when our friend said we would be a great addition to this superstar group of co-authors…well, it felt kismet.

We love helping people face fears and pursue dreams of financial freedom.

This book opportunity would give us a platform to help even more people through our story and work.

Despite our fears, the only answer was YES.

And so it began…

6 Things we learned during the book writing process

On a vague level, we’ve been talking about facing fears and chasing dreams. It’s now time to get specific on the actual writing process.

Listen, maybe you want to write a book of your own someday…COOL! But even if you don’t, there’s lots of value in learning from others’ experiences.

So, here are the 6 things we learned:

 No. 1 In the beginning – were lots of words

It’s no surprise that we have A LOT to say. But staring at that first blank page?

Yikes. 😅

To say that it was daunting is an understatement.  

We started with brainstorming and bullet points. We heard most authors begin there, but we didn’t have much hope that it would work for us.

Because we had never done this before!  

But soon, the words started pouring out of us. Were they perfect and clear and ready for print?

Aaaabsolutely not 🤣

But that’s what the editing process is for. Our first job was to get everything out that we wanted to share. And ya know what? Passion is a HUGE motivator.

The words really did come! We were surprised, excited, and inspired once we realized how right this felt.

 No. 2 Book writing is not as lonely as we thought

The second thing we learned was that we had a team – a great team – helping us every step of the way. We knew there were 20 co-authors to this book going into it. So, obvi we knew we weren’t alone in the writing sense.

BUT what surprised us were the maaaany people behind the scenes helping to get this book to the finish line.

It would not have happened without them all! 😍

Every book has those acknowledgment pages of all the people who helped along the way. On one side, you need people supporting and inspiring you. Those are the behind-the-scenes crew. Then you also need lotssss of people physically working on the editing and publishing side of things.

You know the phrase, “It takes a village”?

Well, it has never felt truer for us than in the past few weeks. We’re big on teamwork (as you know) so we loved the supportive atmosphere of having lots of people involved.

We kinda thought writing would be a solitary, lonely thing. And yes, certain parts were just us and a laptop… but that was just a little slice of the whole big process.

 No. 3 We felt a biiiiit naked

We learned that writing makes you feel SO vulnerable. It’s kinda like bearing your soul for all to see…and yes, feels like you’re naked at times. 😳

In the earliest stages of the book, we shared our work with some close family and friends. Even though we know they loved us, just showing them was challenging.

But if you can’t share with those who love you, how can you share with the world?!

This ended up being such an important part of the process. We got valuable feedback from people who know our hearts and minds. That allowed us to get back to work with new insights and inspiration.

Plus, we practiced sharing our words on a small scale before standing naked on the worldwide stage (metaphorically of course 🤣).

 No. 4 Summarizing a passion project is HARD      

If you asked us what the book is about, even now, we’d have a hard time giving you a short answer.

Obvi, we KNOW what it’s about…but it’s challenging to summarize something we worked soooo incredibly hard on. Every word was chosen carefully to build this clear picture of our story, what we believe, and how we help people chase their dreams.

Summarizing just doesn’t seem to do it justice!

But that’s just another skill we need to hone. Finding our “long story short” about the book is just as important as writing it. Because we need to give people a reason to actually want to go deeper (*cough cough…and read the book😏).

 No. 5 Book writing is like releasing a part of you into the world

There is something so permanent and final about writing a book. It’s like putting a piece of your legacy in ink, for all to see. We can’t just go back and edit later like we can in online posts.

Once the process is done, it’s all just out there…in the wild…out of our hands.

No pressure, right? 😅😅

While having this mindset made the process a little scary, it also helped us choose what to write. Being able to check in with ourselves about what we wanted to put into the world made a difference in the clarity of our message.

Of course, people change and grow and learn. We may change our minds on some things, and we may not. But this book is like a snapshot of who we are right now.

That’s powerful.

We don’t know what the future holds. But we can offer our story and legacy of what got us to where we are.

No. 6 Naming things is super hard

Our part of the book is technically a chapter. And if we thought summarizing it was hard? You can guess how difficult we found naming our chapter. 🤔

We had to brainstorm this part for longgg time. It needed to capture the essence of everything we put into this snapshot of our life work.

We did eventually end up with a title we love…

✨”Find Financial Freedom with Passive Income: The Kitti Sisters”

Not bad, right?

Would you want to dive into reading something with that title? We hope so! It really does speak to who we serve, how we help, and who we are 🙌.  


And that’s it! A little peek into this exciting new journey we’ve been on. If getting published is one of your goals, we hope this gives you an idea of what to expect, and how to prepare.

But hey, even you don’t everrr want to write a book, remember this…

Opportunities can come from literally anywhere (this one was a total surprise to us). Just because something is new, scary, or unplanned does NOT mean that you can’t handle it.

Keep doing the daily work of getting your mindset right and goals set. Then you’re ready for whatever comes your way on this exciting journey of life 🙌🤩



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