Why You Should Make Financial Freedom Your #1 Goal

Why You Should Make Financial Freedom Your #1 Goal | The Kitti Sisters

Summary: We’re diving into the many reasons why financial freedom is truly the best goal to have. Learn how it can change your life for the better and get some tips for how to make it your top priority!

Let’s talk about goals. ✨

Not just any goals, but like THE goal that drives all of your investment choices and financial planning.

What is all this investment knowledge helping you work towards, day by day, anyways?

I mean, sure — you might have certain things you want to do, places you want to go, or things you want to buy with your money.

We all do.

But let’s take it all the way to the root cause of how you can do the things, buy the things, and go wherever you heart desires.

Because you know we like getting deep with ya.  

How can you truly create a better life for yourself?

👉 It’s all about reaching financial freedom. 🤩  

Today we’re breaking down what financial freedom is, and why it should be your top goal. 🙌

We’ll discuss: 

First, let’s define financial freedom.

There’s a number – specific to you and your lifestyle – that would allow you to be financially free.

It’s the amount of money from passive income that covers your daily living expenses.

Sounds great, right? Hellooooo no-stress express!

We like to use the freedom metric to figure out what this amount of money is for you. Your freedom metric will tell you how much you need to make from passive income in order to cover ALL your expenses.

Pssst you can learn all about the freedom metric and how to calculate here:  Related:  3 Steps to Start Passively Investing with Apartment Syndication (No Overwhelm!)

What does this special number mean for your life? Jusssst like… EVERYTHING. 🤩

That whole daily grind thing – working hard, burning yourself out, never enjoying your life? Well, that would be done. Achieving financial freedom means getting out of the rat race for good!


Because financial freedom really means having the ability to make your life your own.

You become the designer of your own dream life. 🙌

Why should financial freedom be your top priority?

Okay. We know what financial freedom is. Now let’s discuss WHY it’s so important. Why should this take priority over all other financial endeavors?

No. 1 Freedom to choose what you do for work

No one (especially not us) is saying you won’t work again once you hit financial freedom. The beauty of it is that you can CHOOSE to do whatever you want, as long as your passive income is exceeding your expenses.

If your job makes you miserable and you are hitting your freedom metric to support your lifestyle…by all means, find what makes you happy!

Maybe you do quit your job and become a beekeeper or start selling your cross-stitch creations on Etsy. Maybe you enjoy your work already but want to cut back hours or take more vacations.

Take us, for example.

We LOVE what we do, and we don’t ever want to stop. Like ever. Buttt… we get to make our own hours and prioritize family, friends, vacations, and whatever else we want.

The point is whatever makes you happy – dive into that. Financial freedom opens up limitless choices for how you spend your days.

Basically…you do you, boo. 😉

No. 2 You are in charge of your time and money

Being in control of your finances is a truly amazing feeling. Imagine not having to rely on someone else paying you on time or having to put in X number of hours to make ends meet.

It is your life, after all. Who better to be in charge than YOU?

We also think time is even more valuable than money. It’s the one thing we can’t make more of! Being able to choose how, where, and with whom you spend your time is one of the best perks of financial freedom.

You can spend your precious time focusing on what you WANT to do, rather than what you think you SHOULD do.

No. 3 Less financial stress

There’s too much financial stress and uncertainty in the world. Taking the worry out of providing for you and your family is a gaaaame-changer. Just knowing you have enough to handle all basic needs could provide daily relief.

Plus, money stress is a major contributor to mental and even physical health issues these days. This alone could be enough of a reason to strive for financial freedom. It means always having enough money, and not feeling worried about the future.

That right there is everything, right? 🙌

No. 4 You’re prepared for whatever life throws at you

Look, not to be dark or anything, but you truly never know what could happen in this exciting but crazy world. I meannn the past couple years have shown us that…right?

Financial freedom gives you confidence that you’ll be okay no matter what curveballs come your way. Rest assured that you’re prepared to face injuries, job changes, natural disasters, and anything else you can think of.

It IS possible, and you CAN get there.  

How can you make financial freedom a reality?

Now you might be wondering HOW to reach this wonderful state of financial freedom. There are different ways you can get there, but there’s one thing you absolutely need to do first, and it’s actually relatively… well, simple.

👉 You have to make financial freedom your goal.

Sounds simple enough, right?

We believe it is possible for everyone to reach financial freedom. But not enough people make it their clear goal.

Some people will also tell you to reduce your spending…but that’s not the advice you’ll get from us. Having a budget is great, and we’re not saying go out and buy a yacht if you can’t afford a yacht.


Butttt we also don’t subscribe to the mentality of saying no to the things that bring you joy! You can reach financial freedom without cutting out every little pleasure (liiiike boba for us) that you currently enjoy.

We believe life’s too short to not live it up while we’re here. 🎉

So, the best way to reach financial freedom is by increasing your passive or semi-passive income. There are different ways you can do this (and we have TONS of resources to help).

But of course, we have our favorites. For us, apartment syndication is the best passive income source to get you to your goal of financial freedom. 😍

Consider us your go-to gals when you’re ready to dive into this passive income stream.

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We love apartment syndication because it gets real, life-changing results. Could it take a few years? Yes…of course. Financial freedom is not something that you’ll get by snapping your fingers. But with a positive mindset, clear goals, and the right help (AKA ussss 👋) you CAN make financial freedom your reality.

Want to chat about your passive income options? We’re always here to answer your questions and help point you in the right direction. Reach out anytime!



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