How to Make Your Mindset Your Greatest Asset


This blog will get you thinking clearly, mindset-wise, on your way to financial freedom. Learn how thoughts and beliefs affect your actions and goals as we dive into how to harness your superpower asset – your mindset – to grow your wealth and follow your dreams.  


Let’s talk about assets for a sec, k?!

An asset is anything you own that adds financial value, as opposed to liability (money you owe). Look at it this way: if you only make money from working for someone else…you ARE that person’s asset. 

(Woah, right? 🤯)

Rich people reeeaaally understand the importance of using assets to grow wealth. We talk a lot about creating passive income streams through apartment syndication and other investments, which are great ways to multiply your income. But today, we’re talking about something that lies underneath the surface of all your thoughts and decisions – and has the power to change your entire financial situation (and life, while you’re at it).

It’s your mindset. 😌😌

Yep. Sounds simple, right? We believe your mindset can be your MOST valuable asset. But it takes a biiiit of effort, and it’s not something we are all taught to work on when it comes to making money.

So today we’re diving into:

This is powerful stuff that can truly change your ability to grow your wealth. Let’s get into it! 👇

Make Mindset Your Greatest Asset - The Kitti Sisters

Where does your mindset come from?

Do you have a predetermined set of beliefs about money? Most of us do! In fact, sometimes they are so deep in our subconscious that we don’t even know what they are. Buuut, we can promise… they are definitely there, affecting how you think about money – and thus – affecting your choices about growing your wealth.

Sometimes these beliefs are formed from a young age, by observing anyone who is an example for us (parents, relatives, teachers, etc). Sometimes we learn from experiences of our own. Hitting certain financial walls and roadblocks can make us doubt ourselves and abilities, which can affect the way we think and act.

Doubt is a big old mindset bully. 🤕

Now, we are NOT saying that you’re stuck with the beliefs you hold, and that you’ll never meet your financial goals…

We would never, ever say that to you. 😘

Here’s the truth, though – putting some extra effort into reframing your mindset is an important (and overlooked) step in growing your wealth and chasing your dreams.

Okayyy… so what does your mindset have to do with your wealth?

It’s a valid Q, to be sure. And it’s why sooo many people get stuck in their own financial ruts and can never seem to break out of the old rat race. There’s just something different about the people who follow their dreams all the way to true financial freedom.

That something different, you ask? It’s an ability to harness their mindset and reframe their thoughts and beliefs to work for them.

Aaaand you can learn to do the same thing. Promise.  Have you ever heard this phrase?

“Where your mind goes, your energy flows.”

It’s sooo true! ^

What you think, you will aaaabsolutely believe. And what you believe? Well…it can either hold you back or propel you forward into the life you deserve.  

It’s important to check in right now with your thoughts and beliefs around money. Do you think getting rich is impossible for you? Do you believe you’re incapable of reaching the goals you set? 🤔

We know it sounds a little woo-woo.

But trust us on this. Some of the greatest thinkers have studied the mindset’s effect on wealth, and you better believe that the richest people out there have mastered this built-in asset.

How can you start to harness this asset?

If we know one thing for sure, it’s this…Everyone has the potential to use this powerful asset to achieve wealth.   

The reason not everyone reaches true financial freedom? IT’S HARRRD. 

It is crazy hard to change the beliefs we hold about money AND reframe them to reflect your goals.

What you think becomes indoctrinated into who you are and how you live.

Sooo to change all that? We have to go deep into the inner workings of your brain. 🧠

3 steps to changing your mindset to work for you

Imagine that your mind is like a computer. Currently, it’s running on the Apple iOS, but you’re trying to install a Windows-based update. Is it working? Of course not! No matter how hard you work or how many times you try, your update will fail. 😣 

You think you’ve done everything you can. The doubt is seeping in fast. And it seems like giving up is the only option.

When we give up on the pursuit of our goals, it isn’t because we can’t achieve them. It’s because we can’t figure out how to change who we are at our core.

But listen. You are not actually a computer (to point out the very obvious). 🤣  

You’re a living, breathing, thinking, human being.

And you know what that means? You absolutely DO have the power to change how you operate!

Your 3 steps to making your mindset work for you are indoctrination, intention, and expectation.

Step 1: Indoctrination

The thoughts that are holding you back have been there for a longgg time and are buried pretty darn deep. So, changing them requires going in and removing the negative views and thoughts that are not working for you, and replacing them with positive, goal-driven thoughts.

We know. Sooo much easier said than done.

This will take a deep level of awareness, and lots of introspection. Plus, you have to actually believe what you’re thinking. ✨

Step 2: Intention

How do you believe in your new mindset? It’s alllll about living with intention. Even with years and years of mindset-shifting work, ONLY thinking will not get you where you want to go. But taking purposeful action instead of just going through the motions WILL get you there.

Step 3: Expectation

The third and final step is adjusting your expectations. We already established that what you think, you will believe, right? So, it makes sense that expecting negative outcomes will make you self-sabotage in one way or another. It sounds wayyy better to expect the positive outcomes, don’t ya think?

Tony Robbins 👉 calls it the Action Certainty Cycle. 

Expecting a positive outcome creates positive actions towards making it happen.

So, we want you to think about your financial goals for a sec. 

Got ‘em?

Do you expect that you will achieve them? Are you willing to put in both the mental AND physical effort?

Intentional actions, supported by a solid belief system and strong mindset, and working towards your own expected results (AKA: your goals)…and VOILA. 🙌 

You’re ready to battle the doubt and take control of your financial future.

Changing your mindset and using it for good puts you wayyy ahead of the game, and we know you can absolutely crush your goals. We’re here to support you in your financial endeavors however we can. Let’s chat.



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