An Easy to Follow 3-Step Investment Plan if You’re Feeling Overwhelmed


If you’re feeling like you don’t have an investment plan, we’ve got you! Here are our 3 steps for getting rich without getting overwhelmed.

It’s officially almost end of Jan 2022 🤩🤩 (!!! what on Earth, right?!). And, over here, the beginning of the year is usually when we have a really unique balance to strike: we feel this urge to plan and review our financial independence strategy (with a good data dive!), but we also want to take a breath.

Like, let’s be honest here… is there anything that sounds better than cozying up on the couch, fur babies on our laps, and a London Fog in hand? 

And, here’s the deal: there is a space for both. You can BOTH be fiercely reaching towards an investment plan strategy AND you can take a breath. We promise. It’s definitely a delicate dance (that we’re always trying to master), but we’re convinced that there is always time.


Even if you’re feeling overwhelmed, even if you’re feeling unsure, and even if you really need someone to hold your hand.

In fact, this is why we love apartment investing SO much. As a passive investor, you’re 100% hands-off. But, at the same time, it’s always important to have a solid financial independence game plan. 

Today, we want to talk about how, exactly, you can build an investment plan — no overwhelm required — so that you can breathe easily no matter the time of year. 😇

In this blog, you’ll find:

When life feels overwhelming, take a moment to focus on things that will help you move the needle the most 〰️ The Kitti Sisters.

An Easy to Follow 3-Step Investment Plan if You’re Feeling Overwhelmed | The Kitti Sisters

Before we get started, here’s a reminder…

The fact that you’re even reading this blog is a huge deal. It already means that you’re doing more for your financial independence than the grand majority of people, and you have got this! Instead of sinking into the overwhelm, decide on a clear direction.

See, the biggest overwhelm comes from the lack of direction. When we don’t have any clue what the priorities are or what should be tackled first, that’s always, always, always when our concentration suffers, our investments plummet, and our goals can be difficult to reach.  

Today, we want to help you prioritize your investment strategy with an easy plan‼️ This way, you can truly and totally manage an investment strategy that produces results *and* creates time in your schedule.

An Easy to Follow 3-Step Investment Plan if You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

There are 3 things that consistently help us build an efficient investment strategy, and they’re tried and true! These are the 3 steps we’ll come back to when we’re feeling frantic or frazzled, and they’re the real deal. 👌


Investment Plan Step 1: Focus on the Needle Movers

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s really easy to get stuck on the tiny things, right? It’s easy to stay hyper-focused on those little details that really don’t matter in the big picture. We get it.

Here’s the thing, though ? you have to get laser-focused on the things that drive results. Without zoning in on the needle movers, you aren’t, well, moving the needles! The goal here is to pour gasoline on the fire of the things that are actually going to get you somewhere — and to spray some water on the things that aren’t.

First, though, you have to know what, exactly, your needle movers are. So, we’re giving ya an assignment. I want you to start gathering all of your data — all of your good ole’ finance data — and answer these q’s:

  • What passive income producing asset is working best? How can you invest in more of that?
  • What passive income producing asset takes the least amount of your effort, but produces the best results? How can you invest in more of that?
  • What passive income producing asset provides long term stability and wealth creation? How can you focus on that more?
  • What passive income producing asset was the most profitable? How can you do more of that?

And, we want to promise you something! You do not need to be an analyst or a mathematician. Like, not even close. Instead, you just need to review and run the numbers and take a deep look inside what’s going on. Now, spend your time on those needle MOVERS. Those work. ✅

Investment Plan Step 2: Utilize Your Investable Cash

Next up in your 3-step investment plan? Utilizing alllllll of your investable cash… even if you don’t think you have any. 🤓

Because, we can assure you — you can find the cash to invest, and you can sure as heck create it.

Here’s how we really like to give this context: with Parkinson’s Law. Parkinson’s Law is the idea that, essentially, things take up the amount of time and space you give them. So, say it usually takes you 3 weeks to complete a certain project for a client — but the client asked for a 2-week turnaround instead.

You’d do it in 2 weeks, wouldn’t you?

Now, what if the client says they don’t need it for 4 weeks?

We’d bet it’d take you all 4. It’s the same way with your investments and your income. YOU have to find a way to make it work. So, here’s your second assignment of the day 〰️ we want you to write down a number you think you can invest in 2022.

How can you invest that number? Can you spend less each month? Can you rework your current retirement contributions? A lot of our habits in life and spending are a *direct* result of our beliefs and feelings around money — and if we can align those habits with the belief that we CAN make this money work, we will.

Plus, starting to save and invest is a huge dopamine hit in itself. When you realize how fast your money can double, you just can’t stop. The Rule of 72 is proof here! 

Psst… if you have no idea what the Rule of 72 is, it’ll change your life. 🤔 Let’s say you’ve been investing in something for 4 years at an 8% rate of return, and you’re wondering when you can expect to double your money. All you need to do is a little math — and take the number 72 and divide it by your rate of return. In this example, with an 8% rate of return, it’ll take you 9 years to double your money.

This Rule of 72 works with any number.

Say you’re investing in something with a 15% rate of return, right? It’ll take you just 4.8 years for your money to double. So, if you were to take, say, $100,000 and invest it at a 15% rate of return (a VERY doable apartment investing rate), it would take 4.8 years to hit $200,000. And then another 4.8 to hit $400,000. Another 4.8 to hit $800,000.

Now, ask yourself a question: why in the world are you only investing in things with a lower rate of return? It’s why we love apartment investing so much — and why your best bet is to adjust your strategy by utilizing all of your investable cash into apartment investing.

Investment Plan Step 3: Remember That You Don’t Have to Be an Expert

And, when you’re stressing about your money, there’s one thing we want you to remember over everything else.

You. Don’t. Have. To. Be. An. Expert.

In fact, you shouldn’t be. There are tons of resources (like us!) that are packed with advice and actionable steps. You can build a team and a resource library that teaches you how to do this, and you don’t need to be so overwhelmed!

We. Promise. 🙏

Instead, just be a sponge. Learn all you can. Let your money do the rest.

So, friends — there you have it: an EASY investment strategy without the overwhelm. Whether you’re ready to end the year on a high note or you just need some help, we’ve always got you covered. 

To start apartment investing in style this next year, come hang out with us! You can hop on the waitlist for the Kitti Freedom Club here.



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