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Say No to The Rat Race Cardio - The Kitti Sisters

004:  Say No to The Rate Race Cardio


Welcome back to Cashflow Multipliers!

We thought we’d start today’s episode with a mini-meditation. Are you ready? Okay relax those shoulders and picture this:

Your alarm wakes you up, and you spend your morning doing exactly what you want to do. Journal and meditate? Actually, water your plants? 🌱 Take your kids to school and take a sip of that reheated-for-the-12th-time coffee? The day is yours to do exactly what you want. 

Forget the pressure of the 9 am meeting, the ever-growing and never-complete task list. No more stress of grinding out your 9-5 workday and making lackluster corporate jokes like, “Can you believe it’s only Wednesday?” to your cubemate as you both fake chuckle and discuss your weekend plans.

Inhale: The future is what I make it. 

Exhale: The weekend can be longer than 2 days. 

If you’re thinking, “This is really cute, Palmy and Nancy, but it seems impossible to get there.” We’re here to tell you, we know. Before you jump off the hamster wheel of life, we want to walk you through the process we take to really pause, contemplate, and make an informed decision when it comes to escaping the rat race.

How to determine what your version of success looks like:

This is your life we’re talking about! Your future, your dreams, and your financial freedom. Honestly, it would be a little weird if you weren’t mildly freaking out by the risk of it all. But have no fear! The Kitti Sisters are here.

When we’re making a move or trying to decide if we should pivot or escape the rat race, we’re faced with a lot of decisions, and it usually comes down to our decisions hinging on three factors.

What does your success look like? Not for your friends, or family members, but for you. Now is not the time to play the comparison game. Never mind what other people are going through, but what you’re growing through to reach that level of success. 😌😌

For some of you, success looks like working 100 hours a week, seeing 60-plus patients, or taking on multiple clients and meetings. For a lot of people, that is what they crave and how they generate their purpose in this life. And as two self-proclaimed work-a-holics we get it, and can’t hate on the grind. Respect, sis.

For others of you, it looks like working 20 hours a week and spending the rest of your time giving back to your community or volunteering. It also could look like being the best all-star mom and being that team parent with Pinterest-worthy snacks. Everyone loves a cool mom.

So how much do you need to make to stay off that wheel? Again, we have to go back to our Freedom Metric, and if that’s a new term for you allow us to point you to episode two of Cashflow Multipliers where we dive deeper into the subject. The short definition is: where your cash flow is equal to or exceeds your expenses.

It’s the monthly passive income that you want to hit. Essentially, it’s putting the free in freedom. Free to breathe easier, free to splurge, free of the financial stress on your shoulders.

4 questions that will help you retire the “hustle”

Get out of the wheel of the rat race and put your feet on solid ground and start answering some questions that will take you off this never-ending race. 

First, define your financial goal. Get crazy here. Really think about the number that you think will be radically life-altering and give you the life you deserve. It might look like 10k more, or 100k. Whatever it is, it’s yours to have.

Second, what is your financial horizon? Or speaking more plainly: Show me the money. When do you need your funds by? How fast do you want to see that checking account grow? Immediately every day in smaller increments or quarterly in one big lump sum?

Thirdly, identify the investment yield percentage that you need to hit your financial goal.

Finally, look for an investment or asset class that will get you to hit your financial target. We talk a lot about this in episode two, where we walk you through different assets and or investments that best fit your life and what you’re willing to work at.

Does the novelty of cryptocurrency light up your curiosity? Have you always felt like you might be good at the stock market? Maybe your speed is more taking your obsession with HGTV to the next level with learning real estate and investing in properties on a hot market. 👀

It’s time for a new way—and to stop the rat race

So how do you know you are on the rat race? Because the race doesn’t stop. And we don’t know about you, but cardio is not our strong suit. Thirty seconds in and my lungs are on fire, so why do we think we can sustain that pace for the rest of our lives career-wise?

There are other opportunities! You don’t have to live your life feeling like you need to keep up at this constant pace with everyone else. A race that will leave you feeling chronically unhappy, constrained, and negative where you’re underwhelmed and overburdened.

This week we have created your Freedom Metric Calculator. A totally free tool that will help you identify that number to help you sleep easier at night and wake up to mornings you can start looking forward to. Download your Freedom Metric Calculator now! And be sure you join the Kitti Freedom Club, a passive investor club for ordinary people like you!


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