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001:  Kicking Ass at P-ass-ive Income


Welcome to Cashflow Multipliers! 

Welcome to the inaugural episode of 🎙️ Cashflow Multipliers! We’re Palmy ➕ Nancy and together we make the Kitti Sisters. This is the podcast dedicated to your financial freedom for the lifestyle you deserve. 

This podcast was designed for the people who feel like there’s no way out. That your precious hours working equal big money and we’re here to bust the biggest myth in the game 〰️ you don’t have to trade your time in order to make more cash.

So, before we get any deeper into the first episode, let’s give ourselves some cred out here in these podcast streets. We know there are so many podcasts dedicated to money, finances, real estate so you’re probably thinking: what’s our deal?

We are daughters of immigrants who witnessed our parents sacrifice everything to give us a life in America. We saw firsthand the hardships of working towards financial freedom. When we grew up we wanted to make our parents proud and show them it was all worth it. Every sacrifice, every scrounged-up penny, every meal we had on our dining room table. 

So we worked. We worked hours upon hours to the point of burnout. We were always chasing the one thing our parents wanted so badly, financial security. 

So we pursued our first love, working in fashion and manufacturing.

And we were doing really well. Like really well.

We loved ❤️ what we did and thought “this is it! This is where we live and die and never have to worry about finding another job again! The stars are aligned! We are the luckiest girls”

Record scratch moment: Our biggest client was shutting down all of its stores and we were left with not a whole lot left. Our savings were draining, and we quickly realized our one source of income was not the security-for-life plan we were hoping for.

We looked at each other and thought practically about what made the most sense after one has a successful stint in the fashion industry 〰️ Real estate, obviously! 

So, 8 years ago we started out on our real estate journey. With zero knowledge, zero networks, minimal funding to become real estate investors.

We started our real estate journey, from single-family house rental to single-family house flipping, and now to multifamily apartment investing.  We had no experience in real estate, but we had a dream.  

We’ve chased that dream over the last few years. We’ve grown our real estate portfolio from zero to over 3,500 apartments by staying focused on the outcome of what financial freedom would do for our families. We love to share our wealth-building strategy and how to create passive cash flow with high-level entrepreneurs and real estate investors to fund their lifestyle dreams and true freedom. 

And we are just so excited 🤩🤩 to hang out with you every week and keep it real on this show where we will share the best tips, tricks, and secrets in owning your own time so achieving financial freedom early and permanently becomes easier.  Thriving and feeling unstuck can be instant, and growing your passive income stream can be effortless. Stick with us, and we’ll show you how.

Look, we don’t know why you’re listening 🎧 today. 

  • Maybe you’re fed up with your job. 
  • Maybe you want more freedom in your finances and in your everyday life. 
  • Maybe you’re tired of trading your precious time for money. 
  • Maybe you are looking to have a diversified portfolio from stocks, bonds, mutual funds, that kind of thing and didn’t know that apartment investing is available to all investors until now.

And if that freaks you out, good! Because you don’t have to chart these waters alone. Think of us as your captains as you navigate this ship of your life into a stable, thriving income that works for you. 

We’re not asking you to plunge into icy cold waters, we’re all about the long, yet efficient game. So here are some tips to help you make that move to gradually shift to stop trading your time for money.

First thing first, we’re going to go over the #1 biggest myth in making money.  You probably know that there’s a common myth that we were told throughout our lives, that to make more is to do more. It took us a while to break this false belief and understand we DON’T have to keep hustling ourselves into a burnout in order to earn a solid income.

The American Dream?

Okay so we all remember growing up the basic functions of life, right? Go to school, get good grades, get a good job and then viola, watch the money come rolling in as you sit on your yacht and sail out of the dock into a one-way ticket to retirement with millions in the bank.

That’s the picture our parents ingrained into us. We now realize we can’t create more time but we can create more money. It’s only until we break out of the so-called rat race and step out of the hamster wheel (okay, enough rodent analogies, we promise) that we realize we can make our money work for us. 

And we should be able to pursue things that bring life into, this, well, life! Travel, time with friends and family, taking that course, being that parent that never misses a game or play. Whatever your “why” is, identify it and go back to it, because some days that’s all you’ll have. 

The Freedom Metric

Okay, phase two into the gradual shift is also identifying what your “Freedom Metric” is, but what is the Freedom Metric? 🤔🤔

I am so glad you asked! A Freedom Metric is the monthly passive income that you want to hit. The amount that will allow you breathing room to not overthink before that next paycheck hits or wonder what expenses you need to cut in order to make sure the rent is paid. It’s the classic saying come to life: you can have your cake 🍰 and eat it too. 

Or, in our case, boba.  

Freedom Metric is the number in which your passive income equals or exceeds your expenses. Once you identify what that number is, it will help guide your growth, goals, and income. 

We know, this might be a foreign concept to many, because you’ve probably been taught all your life that you need a nest egg of millions of dollars in order to retire… right?

Typically, you’ve been told you need 25 times your Genius Zone annual income. We hear it all the time. In fact, we have an Aunt and Uncle who used this 25X approach. It’s an extremely scary feeling to see money going out without any coming in—and these are supposed to be your golden years.

So, yeah we’re assigning you a little bit of homework. And yes, it’s math homework. But think of this time as a dream session. Once you dig a little deeper into what your passive income needs to be to cover your monthly expenses comfortably, you have a standard of income. 

Your Time ≠ Money

If there’s one thing to know about the Kitti Sisters, it’s that we are all about efficiency. Which is why our final point in today’s episode is about the fastest path to do less and make more. 🚀

No, this isn’t a scam. This is your life and *spoiler alert* we’ve already done it. 

PASSIVE income is such a hot topic these days with talks around Cryptocurrency, stocks, and bonds. Apartment syndication is no different and just another form of financial leverage to acquire multiple streams of passive income. 

So, say it with us 〰️ you don’t have to trade your time for money. 

You do the work for each deal ONCE and then reap the passive income on each deal for years to come. 

While you, ya know, travel, live, and actually be a member of this incredible life with your valuable time. Life is too short to sit behind that desk at your typical 9-5 wishing and wondering if there was a way out. 

Keep listening for more tips and insights on how you can make your financial goals so you can build a thriving future. Your best days are still ahead of you. 😘😘

Looking for more support on your journey? Join our Kitti Freedom Club, a group of passive income investors just like you who are well on their way to busting out of the 8-hour workday. We’ll be there too, answering your questions and giving support. 

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We’ll see you here soon!


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