Stay Focused & Finish Your Year on the Right Foot

So, does anyone else remember how life seemed to take absolutely *forever* when we were kids?! It’s like every day stretched long and slowly, and it seemed like eons between each exciting birthday (and a fresh slice of birthday cake 🍰)!

But, if your parents were anything like ours, they probably warned you how fast life would eventually seem to go… and go, it does.

Truly, we’re kind of at a loss for the fact that it’s almost the end of the year (and we’d bet you feel the same, too). After all, wasn’t it just January? 🧐🧐


2021 has been a truly transformative year for us two over here, and there’s been lots to be grateful for — even the tiny, tiny little details.

Stay Focused & Finish Your Year on the Right Foot - The Kitti Sisters
📍Sailing Away in the Adriatic Sea

But, like everyone else, we’ve had lots of challenges and learning curves to maneuver through, and there’ve been quite a few unexpected bumps along the way. 

If you’re feeling the same as we are — like life raced past us all this year — we’re here to give you a little much-needed end-of-year encouragement and motivation. After all, finishing the year on the right foot will take place in the same amount of time as finishing it on the wrong foot.

And, over here, aren’t we all a heck of a lot more interested in getting ready for the new year in the best way?

Heck yes.

Anyone else feeling like it’s hard to stay focused?

So, if you’re feeling a little off-balance or off course after a quick year, first up remember that you’re not alone. We’re here with you, yeah? 😌😌

Here are some tiny steps you can take to stay focused and feel more aligned, even before the new year gets here.

(Psst… because we all know that a year from today we’re going to say that 2022 went by freaky fast, too. Let’s take advantage of it.)

In this post, we’re going to dive into:

  • Taking goal audits
  • Reviewing your habits
  • Focusing on one thing at a time
  • And how you can level up your strategies ASAP

3 Easy Strategies to Focus On to Finish Your Year on the Right Foot

It’s easy to really lean into the whole this-year-went-by-quick mindset and take the rest of the year on cruise control. We get it. But, that’s the worst thing you can do. Instead, taking the last few weeks of the year to really iron things out and prep goals and intentions for the next year can make alllllll of the difference come January 1st. 

If you want to join us on the “making the most of it” train, we’ve got you covered with 3 easy strategies to focus on 〰️ taking a goal audit, reviewing your habits, and focusing on one thing at a time.

You ready? 

Let’s dive in.

Strategy #1: Take a goal audit

The 🍂 fall and ❄️ early winter is *the* perfect time to reflect on the days that have passed so far — and, plus, you get to do it with pumpkin loaves and apple cider macchiatos at your side, sooooo…

Here’s the thing 〰️ January is simply not the time to start changing your life and getting focused and setting goals. November and December are. 🤟

The first month of the year carries with it a lot of pressure and a lot of anxiety by itself. And then, when you pair it with post-holiday exhaustion and the oversaturation of 〰️ goal-setting 〰️ content all over Instagram…


When you can start really setting goals (and putting goals into place) way before that, you can set up a strong foundation for the year ahead in advance. 

Enter: a goal audit, AKA a check-in with yourself and your goals to help you assess where you’re at, to see if you’re heading in the right direction, and to make sure you’re on track in reaching your goals.

Plus, your goal audit doesn’t need to be this overtly overwhelming thing, either. Instead, just ask yourselves the following questions. And, pro tip: coming back to this all year long can be super helpful:

Our go-to goal audit questions:

  • How happy am I? What am I doing to regularly achieve more happiness? Where can I see what in my life is making me happy? How about what isn’t?
  • What is serving me well? Now, what isn’t serving me well? How can I do more of what serves me well? Can I outsource? Automate? Take on less?
  • What is my level 10 life? How about my dream life? What am I doing to get myself there?

The key here? Get as specific as possible, and 📝 write down a detailed list of answers for each question. When you get really, really specific in your answers, you can get super clear on what you actually want more and less of in your life — and it’s so incredibly motivating.

Then, you can compare that goal audit against the goals you have… and see what matches up and what doesn’t.

Strategy #2: Review your habits

Another strategy both of us consistently turn to this time of the year is reviewing our habits. See, taking inventory of what we’re doing in both our work lives and our personal lives each and every day can be a huge energy shifter.

And, it can also be a good way to see what could be improved on, even when it comes to the tiniest little habits. 😌😌

To do this, you can grab a pen and piece of paper (or even just talk it out), and start brain dumping each and every habit you have.

You can start with the normal everyday habits that you always do, like brushing your teeth or brewing your coffee, and then you can dive deeper into the habits that you’d like to do, like regularly investing or going to spin class a few times a week. 

When you write them all down, you can start to see what habits are sticking and what habits need a revisit and a refresh. Take stock of your list, adjust and set new habits where they’re needed, and start the new year with an actual game plan for habits that make you feel proud of yourself.

Psst… if you’ve never read Atomic Habits by James Clear, add it to your list! This book was a huge game-changer for both of us and is key in reviewing habits, forming new ones, and learning habit psychology, too. Snag yours here.

Strategy #3: Focus on the *one* thing

If there’s anything the two of us have learned running this business (and, um, living life), it’s that getting unfocused comes when we’re trying to focus on too many things — which is why we’ve learned that there’s so much value in a solo focus situation.

So, we have a task for you 〰️ dig through the lists you’ve made from your goal audit and habit review, and choose one priority that you want to focus on through the end of the year.

Now, challenge yourself — literally, put it in your calendar and hold yourself to it — to prioritize putting a few minutes a day or hours a week towards that one thing.  🙌

Maybe it’s that you run 15-20 minutes a day and end the year running a 5K. Or, maybe it’s that you spend a few hours each week getting your finances in order and end the year with specific financial goals to reach come 2022. It’s up to you‼️

Just focus on the consistency and clarity of your one thing, and put a plan in place to get there. This, friends is the secret to success. 😌😌

Plus, we’re doing this right alongside ya! Our “one thing” through the end of the year is focusing on our new podcast, The Cashflow Multipliers Podcast, and we’re devoting allll our extra time to it. Now, what’s yours? Think big!

As you prep for the end of this year and stay focused on the next one, we’re here for you! If totally transforming your financial health is in the cards for your goals next year, we’d love to chat with you about apartment investing and getting rich alongside us. 

Book a strategy call here, and we can talk.

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