Start the Passive Income Stream You’ve Dreamt About & Make Money While You Snooze

Over here at The Kitti Sisters, we loooove passive income ❤️ — like, really, really love it. After all, what’s not to love, right?! Passive income is the secret to reaching true-blue financial freedom, living the life you actually want to live, and chasing the dreams you’ve been itching to chase.

Let’s dive deep in how to start your passive income stream now. 🤔

Plus, starting your passive income stream isn’t really as hard as you might think. There are tons of methods to start making money while you sleep (literally), and choosing the right method to work with is key.

From real estate (which we’re huge fans of) all the way to creating courses and even affiliate income, you have tons of options. Here’s what you need to know.

The Kitti Sisters - Start the Passive Income Stream

Wait… What Exactly Is Passive Income?

To put it simply, passive income is income that you make passively — or, without a ton of ongoing effort. Making money while you snooze usually requires that you put in some work or investment on the front end, but it can be rewarding once you have systems into place and an understanding of how it all works. 

The idea? To get to a point where you’re making money that can continually support you however you need it to, whether you want to travel across the globe for a few months, you need to take some time off, or your other sources of income have slowed down. If your passive income stream can meet or exceed your monthly expenses, you’ve made it. 

Less work, more life is how we like to put it — and MAN it’s worth it. 

Methods of Passive Income

There are a bunch of methods of passive income that work for different people, and you can probably even rattle off a few without trying too hard. From big passive income possibilities like investing in real estate and starting an Airbnb to smaller passive income streams like downloading cashback apps and starting a small digital business, there are a bunch of ways you can start making passive income… and quickly.

At The Kitti Sisters, though, we’re big fans of the more impactful moves that will help you reach *true* financial freedom — not just bring in a few extra dollars each month. Our go-to passive income stream? Apartment syndication, or multifamily apartment investing

It’s the key to becoming a real estate investor (which you probably already know can be sooooo lucrative) 🙌 without a massive investment upfront or a ton of ongoing maintenance work. Essentially, you can become a real estate mogul who’s making money while you sleep… all the while not doing a whole heck of a lot to maintain it.

How Do I Start Killing It While I Snooze?

Your first step to absolutely blowing it out of the water with your passive income stream is to decide which area you’re wanting to dive into. Starting the real estate investment journey has a lot of jumping-off points (you can buy the property outright, join a real estate trust (REIT), or pool your money into a real estate fund). However, your best bet is to invest in a real estate syndication — where you’ll actually get a say in what properties you’re investing in, you’ll get to do it all alongside other investors, and you’ll be in a position to cut a big profit once the property you invest in is sold.

Plus, there are a zillion benefits to it, too — think 〰️ passive income, tax savings, investment returns, and confidence in your money (just to name a few).

While a lot of your initial investment will technically be housed within the apartment buildings you’re investing in, those dollars will be in a position to make a way better return than you could get in a CD or through your bank’s savings account. Wondering if there’s a risk? Like with all investments, yes. But no one gets anywhere without taking a few chances, huh? 

Real estate investment allows your money to grow with interest, it gives you leverage and equity, and it helps support your cash flow. And, when you do it with the right support around you (like with us), you can enter into investment decisions that are actually great for you and for your bottom line.

So, Are You Ready to Start Investing In A Way That Actually Brings You Financial Freedom?

Making money while you snooze isn’t just a goal for ourselves — it’s a goal we have for every single one of you, too.

See, passive income is a life changer… and we don’t say that lightly. When you combine it with real estate investing and apartment syndication and then add in personalized guidance that supports your goals… wow. Life. Changed.

It’s high time to build a passive income stream that makes you money while you sleep. 

We want you to join the passive income journey with us, so come hang out in The Kitti Club: a passive investor club built for people just like you



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