How to Add an Extra Passive Income Stream with Apartment Syndication

The million-dollar question these days is: How can I stop trading time for money? How can we freely live our lives without having to worry about money EVER again? And when can we become financially secure so we can retire early and permanently.

I can honestly say it’s been a question heavy on my mind and heart, too.

As an entrepreneur, 2020 has presented a brand new challenge that no one could have anticipated. But in times like these, I turn to the words of wisdom from my mentors.

It’s something that we’ve talked about before and we can’t stress enough about the importance of diversifying your income with extra passive income streams.

On average, millionaires have 7 income streams, while most middle-class people have only 1 a.k.a. their jobs. Long before this pandemic, I know that putting all my eggs into one basket isn’t wise. It’s why I moved away from being in the fashion industry, whose every waking hour was to serve the clients yet I am still “replaceable” (clients will go to where goods can be produced cheaper) into the real estate investing world, where I’ve built and shared my knowledge with others, with ease.


Why I love apartment syndication specifically is multifaceted! Apartment syndications allow you to become a mini real estate mogul (as you know wealthy people invest in…. REAL ESTATE!) without requiring a ton of heavy lifting or investment upfront.

And they’re a great way to generate PASSIVE income while MULTIPLYING your money. And we have not touched on the extraordinary tax-saving yet.

I love the fact that I still generate income while I rest, sleep and travel the world. Though the world has taken a pause during the pandemic, my money continues to work day and night sending passive income straight into my bank account on a monthly/quarterly basis.


Just like any other investment you do, you need to determine your internal investment criteria. Whether it’s what market to invest in, what kind of return are you looking for, how much tax write-off are you looking to get, how to know what’s a good deal, or even who to trust and invest with.

To remove any guesswork, Palmy and I will be hosting a FREE training session all about How to MULTIPLY Your Money Using Apartment Syndication. Come find out how we use apartment syndication to generate an extra PASSIVE income stream to live the lifestyle by dream life!

We’re essentially inviting you into our world while planning for your growth! And for us, snacks are 100% non-negotiables.

Pour yourself a glass of whatever, and join us HERE! Cheers my bubbly drink to yours!

Nancy Kitti 〰️ ½ of the Kitti Sisters ?

P.S. Training is more fun together! Forward this email to a friend so they can join alongside you–and so you can compare notes and grow PASSIVE income along each other side.



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