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We're The Kitti Sisters.

Entrepreneurs, Apartment Syndication Experts, Real Estate Investors, and Unshackled Optimists who are obsessed with all things passive income.

Welcome to our Kitti cozy corner, our boardroom, and classroom.

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Financial Freedom Is Available To Those 

Who Learn About It And Work For It...

- Robert Kiyosaki


We're apartment syndication experts, passive income obsessed crusaders, data crunchers, detail-loving self-care activists, world travelers, and red velvet cake lovers...

It brings us so much joy that we get to control our own time, finance, and future...  And this is what we want for everyone!

Our mission is to teach others how to live their lifestyle dreams (without having to manage the apartment complexes or even find tenants...

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All the goodies to turn a mundane life into a magical one!


The place where we share our financial freedom hacks, free mini-trainings on how to start the passive income stream you've dreamt about, while you snooze, the 411 on what early retirement *actually* means, fresh off the pressed state of the markets, and behind the scenes snapshots of our NOT NINE TO FIVE lifestyle.


Trusting the deal sponsor is key.  This being said, I chose to invest with them because the underwriting and ROI projections made a lot of sense, based on my investment selection criteria.  I am also very happy to have found a reliable investment partner to work with for the years to come.”

- Stefano

Ready to stop trading time for dollars?

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the kitti sisters

Fortified with years of experience, fierce passive investors (we ALWAYS in our own deals), and selected high qualities apartment syndication investment opportunities to help build your long term wealth no matter what stage in life you're on.   We will show you the ropes, help you build out a powerful, personalizes strategy, and give you masterful, financial freedom focused on living your lifestyle dreams.



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We're Palmy ➕ Nancy Kitti 〰️ The Kitti Sisters

A sister duo team obsessed with all things financial freedom, passive income, and apartment investing, who turned a $2,000 bank account into eight-figure empire.  Now, we're sharing with you the behind-the-scenes secrets of our wealth building strategy.

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