Our 5 Secrets to Getting the Most Out of Your Passive Investing Deals

Summary: We’re sharing our top secrets to vetting passive investing deals today! Following these guidelines will help you intentionally choose the deals with potential to grow your passive income like crazy.

Do you ever find yourself doing things out of FOMO (fear of missing out)?

We admit…that eeeearly in our investing journey, we had a lot of FOMO. 😅

But can you blame us?

We were just SO excited to get into alllll the shiny deals that danced across our screens. The passive income life was just a few clicks away, and we didn’t want to miss any opportunities to put our money to work.

Looking back now, we have some thoughts.

While those FOMO-inspired investments happened to work out okay for us (thankfully), we know now that they could’ve been even better.

We can’t say this to our younger selves, but we can share it with you…

👉 Don’t jump into just aaaany investment deal that comes along.

Don’t let FOMO rush you into what *might* be a good money-making opportunity. Take a pause, do a little research, then commit to the deals that you KNOW are a good opportunity. 🙌

But how do you know if a deal is good or not?

So glad you asked! We’ve had many years of experience of intentionally investing in the right deals. And we’ve created a set of guidelines that can help you do the same!

Once you work these criteria into your deal vetting process, you’ll be able to quickly decide if the deal has potential or not.

FOMO is fine for when the iPhone 47 comes out… if it hasn’t already.

But real estate investments are meant to be chosen with intention and confidence. Afterall, your passive income choices could change your entire life and secure your financial future. ✨

Are you ready to learn our secrets to passive investing that can help you jump start your own journey?

Here’s what we’re discussing today:

Our 5 Secrets to Getting the Most Out of Your Passive Investing Deals | The Kitti Sisters

#️⃣1️⃣ – Location really is everything… but be specific.

You’ve probably heard this phrase in reference to real estate: “Location, location, location!”

Turns out it dates wayyyy back to 1944, when Harold Samuel coined it to mean that location is all three of the most important things in searching for real estate properties.

Well, a lot has changed since Harold’s heyday, but this is still partly true.

Location IS super important when it comes to choosing investment properties.

Buttt we’re going to take it a bit deeper, since it’s 2022 and the market has expanded a LOT since then.  

So, when you’re vetting your passive investing deals, it’s not quite enough to just know that city and state of the property.

Might’ve been good enough for Harold…but not for you.

You want to get as specific as possible when it comes to location. For us, it’s all about the top-tier communities, because they have serious growth and income potential.

Does the area have big retail developments nearby?

Is the property located near major highways?

Are there any supply constraints? 

Ask these questions when you’re looking at a property location to get an idea of what the entire area is like. It’s not just about that one property, but about the surrounding community.

The best investment properties will be in an area with lots of potential growth, meaning the property’s value will go up over time.

And when the value goes up? Yepppp…so does your passive income earning potential. 🤩

#️⃣2️⃣ – Stay classy and check the demographics.

When we say stay classy, we don’t mean keep your pinky up while sipping your tea…

Not when it comes to finding the right investment deals, at least. 😉

We’re talking more about a classification system used to identify certain demographics in an area. You’ll see letter grades (A, B, C, sometimes D) that tell you about geographical and demographical info.

For example, Class A properties are usually built more recently, attract high-income tenants, and have low vacancy rates. A Class A apartment complex could have a high rent return with fewer  maintenance repairs.

Which is great for you, the investor!

The letters can give you useful info about the balance of risk and return. It’s not “bad” to invest in a class C property. It just depends on your investing goals.

Remember to ALWAYS keep your goals in check while looking for investment deals. They play a huge role in choosing the right deals for you.

Now, speaking of the ABC’s…schools are also an important part of a property’s area. Being local to good schools is highly desirable for real estate and can drive value up.

We recommend even searching online – websites like GreatSchools.org to verify local school rankings around a potential investment property. 

#️⃣3️⃣ – Go past the surface, into the submarkets.  

Okay, time to get a bit deeper…

Are you ready?

You already know that location is important. But that’s just on the surface of where the property is located.

To understand the growth and earnings potential for any investment deal, you’ll want to understand the submarket, too.

Think about smaller communities within the bigger geographical area. Understanding the different submarkets of investment properties gives you a fuller picture of demand, growth, and occupancy in certain areas.

A desirable submarket could have high demand for occupancy, but with not toooo many new properties being built. That ensures that your property will keep benefiting from the high demand.

High demand = bigger return on investment for you!

Ideally, your investment deal will have a solid market, a great location, AND a strong submarket. These three go hand-in-hand (in hand) for investment properties to have high growth and income potential.

#️⃣4️⃣ – Do the property characteristics have some extra pizazz?

There are lots of property characteristics that stand out above others.

Apartment buildings that have attached garages, for example, are strong standouts.

 2-3 Bedroom apartments that are close to schools? Ohhh yeah. Families would be allll over those. 👌

Convenience is a big deal in apartment investing. Is it the MOST important thing? Probably not. Buuuut it is important to know what to look for when you’re deciding on an apartment investment deal.

Does the property have a modern design? Updated amenities? Safety features? Energy efficiency?

Get to know the details that put some properties above the rest, and give them that extra special touch. This could help you spot a solid, lucrative investment.

#️⃣5️⃣ – Look for opportunities to add value.

Finding a new, up-to-date apartment investment is great, but also look for what can be added. Knowing how to add value to a property is an awesome skill for investors.

And trust us, it’s not something many investors think about.

Which means you find the deals that have sneaky high potential for earnings, but just need a few enhancements to get there.

Here are a few ideas to kick a property up a notch:

  • Curb appeal – Can you make it more inviting from the outside?
  • Kitchen or bathroom upgrades – The most important rooms for hiking up property value.
  • Replace roof and windows – Everyone loves lower utility bills.
  • Update technology – Can you make the home smarter with state-of-the-art technology?

The bottom line is this…do you want to invest in a good deal, or a GREAT deal?

We already know your answer. You’re headed for greatness for sure. 😉

Keep digging into the details for each and every investment deal. The knowledge you’re gaining could change your entire financial future, but you have to be willing to do a little extra due diligence before jumping in.

So, when you feel the FOMO…pause, evaluate, check in with your goals, and use these guidelines to make the most confident investment decision. 🙌



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